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Full Version: Old Project: Let's shoot all those recolors! (Mission accomplished!)
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I also took this image which may be simpler than including all of the part images. Bit reflectiony but I did it in the shade in the afternoon, it's just the gloss of the beyblade really:

I've not actually put images on beywiki before, funnily enough, so which should I include?
all except the clips??hahah..
(Sep. 26, 2012  9:05 PM)ლ(ಠ益ಠლ) Wrote: [ -> ]Late, but eh:

Is that a recolor?

I believe it has one of the Reshuffle Clear Wheels, which is why it is not pictured in the Gravity Perseus article. We need to make separate articles for those two Reshuffle versions.
The Draciel F Pictures are finally up in the gallery. Sorry to all for the delay.
This is a galaxy pegasus re-colour that was exclusive to the French supermarket carrefour. it was Hasbro and came with a Bey-holder. I think i will have to retake the one of the whole bey as it is blurred.
Yes, most need to be retaken. There is a huge light glare, a huge shadow, some are blurred, and they are not really in the right angle compared to the photographs that are already on Beywiki.
Here are two more recolours posted on Beywiki : Driger MS (red) and Einstein MS (light blue), both from the Fukubako Box 2004.
The quality is excellent!

But, I feel that there is too much of an orange tint in the background, as well as the paper looking a bit dirty and creased. Also, you should make it so that the panels that are separated less distinct.

I've got to get me an Orojya Revizer; the colours look amazing.
Yeah, I realized the panals were showing up at about the end of photographing the Nemesis.
Which ones should I redo?
Hm, if I can get a camera I could take pictures of the Fuschia Einstein later. Hopefully I can edit this post later in the day with pictures.
I agree with Cannon, and there also seems to be too much shadow, which also obscures the front of the Beyblade your are photographing.
Here are the redone photos:
Ignore the last one.
The paper around seems very orange.
I redid the photos, I hope they are good enough.

I also have a surprise in there if you noticed ...

Oh, and ignore the ones with the orange-ish paper, those were my previous ones.
I am unable to view full-size pictures on Photobucket, but from what I can see, they are good enough, except the picture where the background is completely white and Diablo Nemesis X:D is way too bright.
Yeah, that one was an accident. So they are good then?
Sure, although some of the Wolborg MS ones need to be framed properly so there is not so much empty space.
Sure, I'll crop it.

EDIT: I uploaded them to Beywiki. Smile
I recently added photographs for the off-white and yellow Gaia Dragoon MS recolours, the light green and light blue Phantom Fox MS, and the fuschia Einstein MS.
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