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Full Version: Old Project: Let's shoot all those recolors! (Mission accomplished!)
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Pages: 1 2 3 4 5 6 for the pearl cyber dragoon..i noticed the pictures for the parts and there is another one which is blurry that i will not upload to the wiki..hahah
- Yeah, a good tip for taking picture's of a beyblade's parts is to take them separately.

When I take picture's for the parts, they alway's come out brighter and more clean when I take them separately, rather then altogether.
:Thanks for the tip Evo..haha..
:your pics look splendid..

Seaborg 2 red translucent is added in its article..
Pearl Cyber Dragoon is added in the wiki and the draft will be included with the pictures coding
Thanks. I wonder if they are good enough for Beywiki though :\

Yours are quite nice too Hadi Smile. Much better than mine
The Driger F seems to be fine for fact much beeter than most of my pics..hahah..the driger f is very very splendid..
However it looks too bright for the black wyborg..
Lets just wait what will Kai-V says..haha
EDITEeevo..i need a good camera..hahaha
- No problem, Beside's, your photography skill's seem to be really good, so if you could perfect it, It would be simply amazing!

- Your picture's themselves are really good, the only thing I can think of that would make them not BeyWiki worthy is the fact that some are a bit brighter then other's ...
It's quite cloudy here so the sunlight used to go 'on' and 'off' randomly XD Hence the brightness issues.

EDIT: Pictures for Sol Blaze Solar Eclipse Ver.
(Sep. 07, 2012  6:22 PM)Kai-V Wrote: [ -> ]The last few are the best, but there is still a lot of shadow. It looks like the light comes from behind you as the photographer, and that you are projecting this shadow, hah. Is it possible for you to be positioned elsewhere, and make sure that the white sheet is indeed a lot closer to white hah ?

Your other Beyblade recolours are definitely needed though.

Actually that was the light from my lamp desk. But I 'll try to take another shot at my school. The light there is the best
Would it be okay to take photos of a black Rock Aries ED145D? I have one coming in about a week, I'm asking this as there isn't a Rock Aries ED145B article. :p
The takara version is Clay Aries (for which there is an article) so the photos would go into that article.
(Sep. 08, 2012  3:13 AM)Kai-V Wrote: [ -> ]
(Sep. 08, 2012  2:22 AM)Evo_Slayer Wrote: [ -> ]If you could re-take number's eleven, thirt-teen, and four-teen while trying to make them have less shadow / dark background it would make the picture's look a whole lot better, other then that they all seem to look fine.

LeonTempestXIII, I just want to tell you that Evo_Slayer is completely right in terms of which photographs need to be retaken.

Also, for Beywiki, you just go to Upload Files, and then you just use the files' names like this :

Image:DranzerS_WeightDisk.jpg|Dranzer S's Weight Disk

Alright, gotcha. Thanks to the both of you. I am doing college applications right now, so it will take a little bit before I can re-post them. But they will be up today. I will post here when I replace the requested pictures.
Diggin' that WD, hahha.
Man I need to buy recolors. I have two I believe but they are nowhere near mint.
(Sep. 09, 2012  2:33 PM)Cannon Wrote: [ -> ]Silver Dragoon V Pictures:

Definatly up to the Beywiki's standard's. Great job, Cannon! Smile
Cannon, they are good, but somehow, it seems like the Beyblade is really obscured, while the sheet below is relatively bright, hah.
Diablo nemesis dragren Ver.
(Sep. 10, 2012  12:26 PM)bladersomeone? Wrote: [ -> ]Diablo nemesis dragren Ver.

You own that super rare recolour ... ?
Finally got round to taking some pictures -

Proto Quetz?

Bakushin Susanow 90WF

Big Bang Pegasis

Big Bang Pegasis 105RF (Asia Model?)

Big Bang Pegasis DX Set

Hell Kerbecs BD145DS (Red)

Hell Kerbecs BD145EWD Blue Inferno Ver?

Wing Pegasis

Wing Pegasis S130RB

Big Bang Pegasis 125SF

Galaxy Pegasis W105R2F Triple Battle Set

Galaxy Pegasis W105R2F Deck Entry Set

Burn Phoenix 90WF Blizzard Ver

Earth Aqulia 145WD Blue

I've still got a few more photos to upload but I haven't got the time to put them up just yet, hopefully get them up tonight or tomorrow.

Cool, I wished you would participate, hah.

You can go ahead and add them all on Beywiki. Some of them are slightly dark, but at least they hae no coloured tint, and they are good quality. If you have time later though, could you try retaking some of the dark photographs ?

And thank you, of course.
That's no problem, I'll redo the darker ones when I've got some time.
The names for your photos Blitz:

Red Hell Kerbecs is 'Hot Fire' Kerbecs.
The Blue one is Blue Inferno Version.
The Quetz is a Proto Quetz and the BBP 105RF is the Asia model.
The Wing Pegasis S130RB is the 'Memorial Version', and the BBP 125SF is 'Blue Wing' version.
The Blue Earth Aquila is just the Blue vers. of the Mitsuya Cider Earth Aquila series, there's also a green and a red (?) one.

Hope this post wasn't unnecessary haha.
No it helps me at least I had forgot most of the names! Lol
I guess I can do dranzer V2 fukobako, that is, if nobody has done it yet.
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