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Full Version: Idea for teams: Supreme Team
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This seems like the best place to post this, so...
It seems that there are a ton of different teams on here and that there is not any real purpose for them.
I present: Beypoint team totals, add together the beypoints of your team members
There will be no prize for leading this list other than pride and the title of Supreme Team
Due to the fact that teams are of varying sizes only the 10 bladers with the highest individual beypoint totals may be used to come up with your team beypoints.
This list will keep track of the top 12 teams and I will update it as I receive team totals from captains. Also, I will sporadically check to make sure that you are not lying. In the post in this thread please follow this format.

Please note: This is not mandatory, this is mearly an idea of how teams can see where they stand against one another.

Team Name (team beypoint total)
1. blader 1 (individual beypoints)
2. blader 2 (individual beypoints)
all the way up to blader 10

Leading Teams
1. empty for now ..............................................................The Supreme Team
(Sep. 02, 2012  3:08 AM)Time Wrote: [ -> ]This seems like the best place to post this, so...

Suggest your idea/format in that thread.
How do I move it? or should I just ask the whole thread to be deleted and copy and paste?
(Sep. 02, 2012  3:12 AM)Time Wrote: [ -> ]How do I move it?

You can't Tired

Just copy what ever you wrote and then paste it in that thread. Also, put your list in spoiler brackets as it is quite long.