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Full Version: Longest hiatus from buying Beys
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So, whats the longest amount of time you've gone without buying Beys? For me it was probably about 2-3 months tops because there weren't a lot of new ones in stores. Anyone have longer? Please post why you didn't buy Beys to avoid SPAM.
Nine years.

Bought a few plastics in 2002, gave up the hobby for better stuff and then some advertised videos of beyblades drove me back into it in 2011 (See my join date.)

EDIT: If it's just Metal fight then 4 months.
I bought a Draciel S in 2004, and that was my first and only Plastic (still have it). And then the hobby sort of dropped off. And then the new MFB appeared in stores and I started buying them again in 2011. So that would be six year gap :o
I had gotten like ten beys than stopped for a while, for about 11 months maybe. I am getting back in to them.
like 9 months for me
k i didnt buy them cuz i had quit for that short period of time
(Aug. 24, 2012  7:11 PM)SoulEater57 Wrote: [ -> ]like 9 months for me

(Aug. 24, 2012  6:35 PM)UGottaCetus Wrote: [ -> ]Please post why you didn't buy Beys to avoid SPAM.

Everyone should elaborate on their answers, to avoid people spamming dates and years.
The longest for me was six years. I bought an Orange Dranzer G back in 2005 and the next one I bought was a Storm Pegasis in 2011. It was for the obvious reason that there weren't any being sold in stores in India during that time.
If I recall, it was sometime in 2004. It had been a while since I had seen them in stores, and then I went to one of the local walmarts and they had Dranzer V2, Driger V2, Vortex Ape, 2 Wyvern DJ, Wolborg MS, Samurai Changer MS, and Jiraiya Blade MS on one of the shelves and I freaked out! I immediately grabbed the first three and went to the cashier in the back of the store and asked how much they were, and he told me they were .99 cents each, so I immediately went and grabbed the whole lot and was very happy with the find. After that I never saw any in stores.

I tried to keep up visiting on the WBO, but usually only logged on to check in, then I saw one day that MFB was announced and then slowly continued to check back in more regularly. Then when MFB hit stores in US I went the day of to pick one up, which was back in the middle of 2010 or so I think. So roughly around 6 years in between purchases.
I think it was around a span of six years for me too (Like N0body & Insomniac). If I recall correctly, my last purchase was either a Master Dragoon (Salmon Coloured) or Dranzer G (Normal) back in '05. Then Beyblade came out of it's hiatus in 2010... So I purchased Storm Pegasus & Rock Leone... Ahh.. Good times, yo.
The time between Plastics and MFB was probably my longest go...such a regrettable, empty time...
WOW alot of u have taken a loong time away from buying beys.
about 5 months.
But i think i went atleast 6 years once.
The time between HMS and MFB. It was a few years atleast.
For me it was around 3 years, though i never ever quitted blading...! I had bought a appolon G in the year 2008 (i have purchased many beys before that) and later as new beys hit my city, i took storm pegasis in the year 2011 after my board exams.. I came to know about Metal Fusion series in the year 2009. I just visited and saw 'BEYBLADE METAL FUSION COMING SPRING 2010 ' it was one of the best moment in my life, then my dream of beyblade to start again begun.....
My hiatus started when the series and production halt started. But I got into it again when Hasbro released the season 1 metal fight Beyblades.

I also admit to saying bad things which made me a collector instead of a battler.
4 Months
This is going to make me sound so spoiled. xD

1 month ago was my last purchase. It's because my Dad hasn't supplied me with money haha.

That has been the longest time.


2 years, and here I am now
(Aug. 24, 2012  7:12 PM)Insomniac Wrote: [ -> ]Everyone should elaborate on their answers, to avoid people spamming dates and years.

I remember my mom got pissed at me after I went to a japanese book store and saw the omega dragonis guide a week after it came out and purchased it for $24 without her permission. Then she got pissed at me and didn't let me spend my money on them for a month. So long story short, A MONTH. I'm surprised I'm still alive after not buying a single bey for a month. I still remember the Pain and the Agony.
3 years if u count Platic gen to MFB.
but if just mfb then a week or so.
Yea when I originally made this I was thinking just MFB but either or is fine, lol.
For me, its been 5-6 years too! If I remember correctly, I purchased a Wyvern DJ sometime around in 2005. Then, I bought my very first MFB- Lightning L Drago- in May 2011. Smile
1 day. xD jk. but seriously, a year...
For me, BUYING wise, 7 months. Actually getting one - Christmas.