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Okay, my username on DN is BlackLusterTurd.
I run a chaos dragon deck, and i play regularly. I am working on an exodia deck.


Contribute to this list!!!
Stay away from:
DarkPharoahMarik. Reason:Reppetitive troll.
I used to play, but then I got banned for trolling or something. lol
I used to play before but I slowly lost interest in Yugioh. I ran Blackwings, and a few other decks. My username is monkeymadness.
Ok cool, i will add you. Anybody else?
(Aug. 02, 2012  2:47 AM)Trainer Red Wrote: [ -> ]Ok cool, i will add you. Anybody else?

Add me, Indigo-V. I run a crystal beast deck :3
Kind of lost interest in yugioh but I still dueling network. My name is Neoblade. I think the deck I use the most was probobaly Neo-Spacians
Haven't been on for a while. I run a crapy Photon deck. My name is Blood-X
Okay, i will add you all. I just hate deuling againts random n00bs.
i used to play online but it got... meh. I love playing i person though Grin i just like reading people...
Yeah, the twitch of their eye and the millenium eye can give you an advantage indeed.
My username is Yu-Gi-OhProdigy And I run a Neo-Spacian deck.
I'm kinda new, and when I say kinda, I mean I just started playing like the other day, so I'm kinda n00bish...
STAY AWAY FROM: DarkPharoahMarik he is a trolling dumbutt. I will post usernames in OP
Sorry to revive this thread. I like to do Dueling Network and I used to run a Cyber deck. My username is
I've been on DN a lot, why I've been so inactive haha, I've been testing several decks out. (Bujin, Madolche <3, Harpie(Meh), Fire Fist, Fire Kings, Gravekeepers, etc.)

I'm trying to find some really good decks, so send me a PM, kyler0522, I'm almost always online.

Did anyone else notice DN being down yesterday?
I run a Gravekeeper's deck. I love playing anti-meta. It's a little annoying when people don't know what Necrovalley does...
I <3 playing Blackwings. They're sooo awesome! Anyway, DN wasn't down today for me, but guys, the owner of the website will let us use custom avatars for 5 days. You can find me as: Fullmetal Dragon.
Awesome topic, I run a few decks, (randoms XD ) so duel me sometime or shoot me a pm. DN username: PolarSoldier
I will add everyone (" L " and TWT). If I can find out how. DN is still down for me.
LeonesFangs for me guys. Hope to duel you. Whenever i quit from offline dueling.
I'm on dn every once and a while my username is geetster99 I run so many decks I can't even count them all
I use 3 decks and play mostly ranked singles, DrPepsidew is my username hah
Which 3? I hope I can duel you.
I'm on there as DefStamina88. I mainly play a crappy Warrior Burn deck that usually never wins, but I don't play to win in Yu-Gi-Oh!, only to see how close I get and have fun.
I am Lightning50 on Dueling Network. If you want to duel PM me. I have about 12 decks.
I dont understand how ANYONE can have a good game in one is ever honest and the system is too easily, if you are learning a new playstyle or set of cards, the average player can miss details such as card timings and proper effect activation....

YGO/Devpro does all of teaches you how to really play the game, and makes you better for it.
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