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Full Version: PkMn Trainer RED would like to battle!
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... i am a pokemon/beybade/yugioh fan and a Quad rider. I live in long island NY and i am really skillfull in pokemon. Might i also add that i am not interested in trading/ wifi battling in pokemon black2/ white. I am 13 years old and very friendly towored others. I spend my time watching Fullmetal Alchemist brotherhood and Naruto manga.
nice to meet you, welcome! remember to read the rules and the welcome pm kai-v sent you and let it rip.
Welcome to the WBO! It seems we have a lot in common. I'm in Long Island (Queens) right now! Maybe we can battle one day. Anyways, hope you read the rules to ensure a happy and bright future on the forums!
Got a question? Pm me!
Welcome to Le WBO!

Read your welcome PM and all that good stuff! PM me or anyone else experienced with the site for questions, if you would like.
(Jul. 11, 2012  3:50 AM)Cosmic Wrote: [ -> ]Nice to meet you. im cosmic. and HAVE A BLAST HERE ITS BEYBLADE CENTRAL!!! PS: AWESOME PIC OF RED

Thank you, i appreciate your enthusiasm about my Pic of red. Nice to meet you.
, what exactly do we have in commen, how skilled are you in pokemon???
Welcome to the WBO! Stay out of trouble, an don't make stupid post! May I call you read fan boy? Tongue_out (sarcasm)
May i call you a tyson fanboy? than no. HAHAHAHA!!!! i am just joking!!! but seriously no.
PkMn Trainer RED would like to battle?

Well then, Insomniac would like to devour your soul.

Just kidding, welcome to the WBO and have fun Wink

Anyway have fun on the WBO and once again I will say the thing everyone says:
Read your first pm
hi and welcome to the wbo hope you enjoy your time on this site.i am also into pokemon i have pokemon black and if you would like to battle me pm me and i trade my friend code (btw i have a lv 100 team) hope to battle you soon.also if you would like a signature just post in my thread or pm me and i'll be happy to make it for you.
welcome to the WBO..........!!!!!!!! if you need any help PM me