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Full Version: [Toronto, Ontario, 5/13/12] BEYBLADE CRUSADE Recruitment Session: 6
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Guys good luck! Film and show the prizes for me! I will sadly not be there.
(May. 13, 2012  12:56 PM)hyperaquario194 Wrote: [ -> ]will anyone be selling a bb10

Yes, djnour will be.
Can't come sorry!

PS:I heard Jesse is determined to win this time,watch out!
Who won the tournament?
Thanks for coming out today everyone! Don't forget: there's just under two weeks until BEYBLADE CRUSADE 2 at ANIME NORTH now!!

Final Standings:
1st: Kei
2nd: FlameDragon25
3rd: neilanpolbeley

(May. 13, 2012  4:26 PM)Psylent Wrote: [ -> ]PS:I heard Jesse is determined to win this time,watch out!

This is the first time in five tournaments that he hasn't placed haha. I just checked and apparently he's placed in eight of his last eleven tournaments, which is outstanding.
Hey grats you guys. Wish I could have been there..maybe I should get my big butt in gear and start a tourny in Huntsville Ontario lol

Kei I swear I will beat you one day! Tongue_out lol
What were the winning combinations?
Aw well,he has Crusade to look forward to!
(May. 14, 2012  3:23 AM)Ryugablader Wrote: [ -> ]What were the winning combinations?

Just posted them:

However, Neil if you read this, can you post to clarify exactly what it was you used?
video will be uploaded shortly and there were lots of reasons why i wasn't playing like the old Jesse. One there would be no point by then because i have got lots of loses and still wasnt consintrating on beyblade still but something else
what were the prizes
I bet Kei won!
yep,guessed right...he did
(May. 14, 2012  11:33 AM)Bitix Wrote: [ -> ]what were the prizes

RBV9 x2 and Death Quetzalcoatl 125RDF.
I so wish I were there! Stupid School DX Lol, No just kidding. I like school.
Kei what did you get?
(May. 14, 2012  10:26 PM)Thunder Dome Wrote: [ -> ]Kei what did you get?

RBV9, but I traded it to FlameDragon25 for a stack of random Weiß Schwarz cards haha.
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