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Full Version: [Hyderabad, India][2/5/12]5-0? No way! : Time to stop Relic(MFB+Plastics)
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Well, Mumbai has had its Plastics tournament and so has Bangalore. Now it's time for Hyderabad its very own MFB + Plastics Tournament !

Relic has won four tournaments in a row. Are we going to let him get 5-0 ? No way ! Time to stop him.

Anyway, lets get to the details :

Venue : Sanjeevaiah Park, near Hussain Sagar lake, Hyderabad.

Date and time : 2nd May, 2012. Be at the entrance of the park by about 10:00 AM. There will be parts checking and then the tournament should start at around 10:30.

Surface : Grass !

Entry Fee : Rs.250 for one of the events, Rs.500 for a Passport. (It grants you free entry to WBO Sanctioned events for one whole year and monthly Beyblade giveaways).

Hosts : BeyBlast, Relic, BladingSpirit5.

Judges : ?Mr.Mystery?, fabregasrox323, Relic, BeyBlast, BladingSpirit5.


Some Important stuff :

☻ First off, before you do anything else, please read through the WBO Official Play rules. If you don't, you'll be losing out on the tournament day, so don't blame us.

☻ For the Plastics event, don't worry if you don't have any Plastics. Relic and me can lend you some.

☻ Lunch - You will either have to pack some lunch for yourself or eat before you come. Also, there is a canteen in the park which sells snacks and drinks.

☻ Please post in this thread or Private Message/Call me if you want to attend. I'm elaborating here because there were a couple of unexpected attendees in the last tournament. Also, please give me your Contact Number.

☻ Please be committed. If you say you're coming and don't show up, you'll just spoil the fun for the other participants and expose yourself to a possible warning.

☻ If you have any problems, feel free to PM me or contact me through this number :

☻ We don't use the money we get from the Entry fees. All the money is sent to the WBO. Please read this for more information : Matter of Money of the World Beyblade Organization. As you can read there, this money is used for the running and maintenance of the site and to buy cool prizes for contests and lotteries.

Confirmed Attendees :

Xcore Chaos
Ldrago destroy1
meteo Ldrago2

Unconfirmed :


Note: If you are in this list, you have to confirm your attendance before the 30th of April. If we're not informed before that, we'll just assume you're not attending.

Plastics Event :

Confirmed Attendees :

Xcore Chaos


Lastly, I would like to thank the WBO Committee for approving this.
You can always contact me if you have any problems. Wink

Haha... so you'll have another event now..well BladingSpirit5, you're the only one capable of taking down Relic anyway with skills so..yeah..have fun..
I would have like to attend but my classes are on so I guess I wont get to attend all Plastics events in India after all.
What.a tourney with relic's name.while trying to defeat him you are showing that how awesome he is.
Well im very happy cos india is organizing so many wbo event these days.thats a great news keep it up guys.


so sad i cant attend any tourney.
That's great another tournament.......... good going BS5........!!! lets see who wins in plastics
Woohoo this tourney got approved Yay...yah and it really is the time to stop relic .... Finally a MFB+Plastics tourney in Hyderabad and Blading Spirit 5 keep crasher and shuttershock on the confirmed list as they told they are going to be attending this tourney.
(Apr. 20, 2012  5:13 AM)?Mr.MyStery? Wrote: [ -> ]Blading Spirit 5 keep crasher and shuttershock on the confirmed list as they told they are going to be attending this tourney.

Are you sure that they're attending ?
I need to be sure that they are before I add them. So, ask them to post in the thread or PM me.
Ok cause they called me from XcoreChaos's mobile and told me that they will attend.Call XcoreChaos and ask him as they are his friends,so he could tell you whether they are attending or not .But as I know they might be attending.
Crasher and ShutterSchock are comming 4 sure and ya its nice that the tourney got approved with some time left for the tourney unlike Wrath of the dragoon.
Awesome it is approved i will try to nail this tourney !
: OK, I'll add Crasher and ShutterShock. Are they going to participate in the Plastics tournament ?

I'm putting a limit on the Plastics tournament to save some time. I'll put up the limit soon.
Dont know about that but even I have a problem.
No plastics in hand!!!
hey,heard there is a tournament in mumbai on may 27 can you tell me about it or else send me a message
(Apr. 20, 2012  10:10 AM)zeneo Wrote: [ -> ]hey,heard there is a tournament in mumbai on may 27 can you tell me about it or else send me a message

Do you think that this is the thread to ask such a question.

And bs5 remove WindBlast from both the lists
Add me to the Unconfirmed for both Unhappy
PlayBlitz, ur playtime is over with Blitz.
I'm telling Kai-V about you that you are RajatGovind123 and even the proof I PM ed you.
Game over- get banned!!!!!!!!!
^ To save some of your time, Kai-V is already aware of it. So you don't really need to do anything about it Smile

Coming back to topic, what's up with name guys Tongue_out ?
And to be honest, it's going to be hard nailing this one, since I faced some severe competition last time!
The most serious battle was between me and Relic before the semis.
And by the way if Kai-V was informed long ago then why was he banned seconds ago??
I was waiting to see what he would do.
Just how weird would Relic feel to know, that all the attendees share the same ambition of defeating him, and putting his winning streaks to a break FOREVERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR! Tongue_out

Nice one though! Yet another tourney, and we have had three Plastics + MFB tourneys in India, in quick succession!
-Yeah we already told Kai-V about it.
-Yeah man this time im not gonna let you win last time i still remember two matches with you and both were tied on 2-2 this time i will try harder to win
Hahaha guys btw i found out that rajat was playblitz with help of others so does this mean that he will be banned forever like will he be able to create an acc agn?
OK guys, no more off-topic posts.

Can someone confirm that meteo L drago 2 and Ldrago destroy1 are attending the Plastics event ?
- Yes they are.In the last tourney which took place they told that they will come for sure.Relic has their no.Just in case if you want to find out if they are really coming or not ask Relic to call them and confirm with them.
(Apr. 20, 2012  3:52 PM)Kai-V Wrote: [ -> ]I was waiting to see what he would do.

Kai-V it is obvious that he will create another acount.

And it also looks like Relic is going to have a tough time dreaming of glory with all the bladers opposing him.
-this time no one letting you win man so practice more
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