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Full Version: [Hyderabad, India][2/5/12]5-0? No way! : Time to stop Relic(MFB+Plastics)
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Wow thats great news so just 1 more for plastics!!
Ldrago Destroy1 and Meteo LDrago2 are not taking part in plastics cause they do not have
any plastics, so maybe we could tell them that we can lend them. If they come we can have 9 plastic attendees which means the plastics tourney will be there for sure.
Yeah I can lend them some even Relic should be able to.
Dude I can also share my plastics with them when they need it!
Count me in Im coming to the tournament relic!
- are you coming to both of the tournaments?
ghostdestroyer@ tell which tourneys are you going to attend, plastics or mfb or both.
And if possible can you give me your contact number?¿¿¿¿¿¿¿???
- ghost destroyer is Xcore Chaos's friend.I have asked them if they are coming to the plastic tourney they told that they will be attending the plastic tourney as well.The ones attending the plastic tourney are ghostdestroyer and shuttershock.Crasher won't be participating in the plastics tourney.
So now we can have the plastic tournet for sure.
hey even i wanna come
- Which tourney do you want to come too?MFB and Plastics or only MFB please specify.
mihir147258369@ please be confirmed.
Blader Zeus is not attending any tourney.
So remove him from unconfirmed list.

It is a request, like last time can everybody help us in buying the prizes. A little Effort? would do it. I can contribute only 1 prize.
I think I can get the other two prizes. Wink
Shuttershock is not coming to the plastics tourney....
Xcore Chaos told me i guess we need 1more attendee :-| for the plastic tourney
We have a Ray Gil for a prize.
So guys tomorrow is the tournament all the best to each and every member of the tournament and hope this time someone among us defeats Relic (hope im one of them :p) and yes to every member who's coming for the first time dont feel shy and sit at a corner try your best.ALL THE BEST GUYS !
sorry guys,remove me from the comfirmed list I cant come even meteo Ldrago2
As Ldrago destory1 and meteo Ldrago2 are not comming we are left with only 11 members so i guess we have to host a round robin as im not sure cause i forgot how many members should be there in block round robin i think it is 12 anyways each and every confirmed participant should show up because last time we suffered a lot cause about 6 members did not show up.Again all the best to everyone
relic won the tournament again man dont know how he does it and BS5 came second and third was BeyBlast i didnt make it this time anyways had awesome fun.
Well, here are the results :


-> 1st Place - Relic : MF-M Blitz Unicorno S130RF (5-0! Congrats!)

-> 2nd Place - BladingSpirit5 : MF Flash Escolpio S130RF

-> 3rd Place - BeyBlast : Phantom Orion B: D, MF Basalt Cancer H145MF

Plastics :

-> 1st Place - BladingSpirit5 :
AR : Triple Tiger
WD : 10 Wide
BB : Fantom Grip Base

-> 2nd Place - Relic :
AR : Triple Tiger
WD : 8 Wide
BB : Magne Flat

-> 3rd Place - fabregasrox323 :
Metal Dranzer!

At least we start seeing actual good parts. It seemed like every Indian tournament was won with such outclassed parts as Earth lately ...
Congrats Relic...! Your the man..! Same to all who participated.....
@ Kai-V its because only few people can purchase online.. And last week hasbro released the MAX series beys in our locality.
awsome!!!congratz man...Relic!!!really hats off...Smile excitment i forgot to wish congratz to the other winnerz toooo!!Smile
That was one of the best tourneys!
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