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Full Version: Regents Round Up! [London, UK 21/04/12] Regents Park
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Again I have absolutely no idea for tournament names anymore and just recycling old ones!

A lot of you have been PM'ing asking when I'll be hosting tournaments, when I find out I put the thread up ASAP it's because my work isn't reliable, so I know just about as much as you when I can actually host tournaments!

Specific info:

When: 21st of April 11.30am until it finishes.
If you do turn up after 12.00 you won't be able to take part!

Where: Regents Park Bandstand

Directions to the bandstand:
If you don't know this by now you can find the directions here -

Map of the Park -

Tournament Format: Block Round Robin/Double Elimination -
(Event Guide - )
(Format will depend on the number of participants as there is no limit for this tournament!)

This is the WBO Standard format rule book (READ IT)-

The regular price is £3
Or free If you have purchased a Blader Passport.
Which is available to buy on the day for £6

Remember if a parent/s is bringing you to the tournament let them know that the times may vary!

If you are only able to stay till a certain time DON'T confirm that you can come as it can cause problems when people leave in the middle of a tournament!
Also I will only sign people up if they personally PM me or post in the thread, no signing your friends up!

Thank you, hope to see you there!

Confirmed Attendees -
  • Blitz
  • LeeDraciel
  • GreatestBlader
  • Void
  • RAW
  • Hell Kid
  • Ultra
  • nationsbeyblade
  • BeyHyperKiller
  • ThePokeBlader
  • Saint
  • evilbeaflow_
  • xXHBXx
  • The Assassin
  • Dark_Karma
  • mysteryman10
  • dragon blader
  • brazman
  • raystriker12
  • tacticalblader
  • beymasters
  • sandwitches
  • leo(ne)
  • emman798
  • Galaxy Blade
  • faissalo
  • Bladers Spirit
  • Lightning Blade
  • C0NFU21ON
  • Enzoxs
  • Madmuppet98
  • alx

Total: 31

Unconfirmed Attendees -
  • defenceblader
  • s-scorpio
  • Dukesy56
  • Raphel
  • PkRaNgEr
  • jade2hip57
  • The Blader97

Sellers Thread:
put me in please
(comment removed)
put me in please
(comment removed)
I can come Grin I might not be able to stay til the very end but I believe it's ok for me to go after all my battles are done?

Edit: Urghh, everyone coming is so high, I'm Screwed....CAPRICORN (Pun intended)
Yeah I'll come!
And yes to compete Tired
I'm in as always.
I'm in.
sigh me up
hey blitz im coming this time i will not be late
I'm coming. Since i have been bugging you all week about this... LOL. Tongue_out_wink
Change me to unconfirmed please.
Im in.
around wat time does it finish
Unconfirmed pls Tongue_out
(Apr. 09, 2012  9:00 AM)s-scorpio Wrote: [ -> ]around wat time does it finish
It really depends on how many people come and what format it is. But, roughly about 16:00. However, if you get knocked out of the tournament, you can go home whenever you want.
Yup I'm Coming
(comment removed)
We know... you've told us so many times... you post it every time there is a tournament...
im in Grin
im not sure i might not come
ok i might come all depends on when my bey comes
Count me in
Im coming!
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