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Full Version: Anyone selling at the summer smash?
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This is pretty neat Bey-UK!

Guys he's doing a cool thing, respect his request of PM'ing orders.
Uh, no price listed for Metal Faces Lips_sealed
I stated in my other posts that i will bed prices when i find the info out. Prices were added to the other restock stuff because its based on the old prices.
Just a quick update for everybody. At current, the order I'm going to be placing will be priced at an est. of £260 (this includes P&P at £5.95). People will be paying practically nothing on their postage. I will charge you your total postage seperately. If there is anybody that knows they won't be able to pay for their stuff at the event then I ask that you speak up now. This will be costing me a lot of money out my own pocket. I will ofcourse get it back. But if somebody turns up and can't pay on the day then I will be extremely angry and annoyed. If this happens then I won't be going out of my way in the future to provide you with such a service.

Other than that, I will be sending PM invoices to everybody I have ordered for. I'm only ordering for those on the definate list.

We should also have prices for the pre-order stuff by tomorrow. INtoy's server has some issues and it has only just come back online. I apologize for this. Please bear with us =D.
oh carp, thats a lot of money in Canadian for Storm Pegasus. i will edit this when i can assure i will buy one. that goes for the grip and metal face too. also, can you sell Quetzalcoatl. I know its hard to get Quetzalcoatl but i really need the track.That goes for anyone, if you have a 90 track for sale i will buy. Also, i need to know an estimate for Metal face. Me and my parents made a deal to split the total in half. So just trying to get an est.
What Espio is doing is only for members in the UK who are going to the Summer Smash Meet-up, I believe. If you want those items that Espio listed, then buy it directly from theintoy. Toywiz might also have some of those items as well.
Oh i see. I'll check it right now. Thanks. This will mean No. I wont buy any from you Espio. Sorry.

Real Reason: Thought it was HPT LMFAO
I am looking to buy a couple of things :A grip for MFB, maybe a storm pegasis, and a string launcher X3
can somebody tell me if there will be storm pegsis on sale? I am soooooo desparate for it!!!
If your looking to buy from me then as I said in the PM. You need to be definatey coming and on the definate list in this thread and post:

Prices and quantity have been added. The order is ready to be made. I just need confirmation from everybody.
If theINtoy want to sell Starter Pegasis, Bull and L Drago I suggest lowering the prices. You have what... 20 odd of them all? And eBay has them for much cheaper sooo.
^ We've been through this soo many times, I don't really think it's worth bringing up again. If people are going to pay then they'll pay. TheINtoy are aware of some peoples feelings and they'll deal with that as they please. For now it'd be nice if people could just appreciate this....people have the oppurtunity to basically buy straight from a real person rather than online.
Yeah, I realize this. But what is the point of having dead stock lying around?
It'll probably get sold eventually and if it doesn't then they'll lower the price. They can work that much out themselves I think. I'd rather not get into this here.
Orders will close midday GMT tomorrow. Any orders placed after will not be made and not further purchase will be made. If you want to purchase then you will need to purchase at theINtoy using their higher rate.

I find it unbelievable. Everytime I mention theINtoy SOMEBODY has to jump in and say they're over priced. They very may well be over priced in your and other peoples eyes. I don't have a problem buying from them. I can still pay for everything else through the month. You don't have to buy from them. You just sound like a broken record playing the same old sorry tune over and over again. I think people need to grow up a bit to be honest. I buy for convenience. I have considered MOJ but am afraid of import tax.

I'm doing this as a good will jesture to the community and trying to take more of an active roll in the community, thus trying to make up for what I can't do in regards to the Wiki. I'm trying to support Rocky in everyway possible and we have the support from theINtoy regarding events held in the UK.
Sales are now closed.
Just as a notification, bidding for all items I'm selling on page 2 will end at 6pm GMT Friday the 3rd of July.
All current bidders have been notified with the current high bid.
All orders have been made today. Thank you for purchasing =D.
Orders have been despatched!
4 more days, really looking forward to it Smile
Really want to test out some C145 based customs, possibly some flame customs as well, but we'll see.
Depends on a lot on many people have RF, can see this just being a tournament of attackers.
Just updating the list as I doubt many people will look at the first page -
Voltaic Ape (NIB) x1
Takara Zues (NIB) x1
Escolpio WD145B (NIB) x2
Pack of Metal Faces (NIB) x1
Pisces D125BS x1 (Never Been Used & Comes with Stickers) Had one offer on this, But if it falls through then it will be up for sale again.
Takara Sea Dragon x2 (pretty much perfect condition)
Dranzer GT (Used, But still good condition)
Dragoon GT (Used, but still good condition)

Will auction all these things off at the Tourney.
ive got a storm pegasis 105rf im hoping to sell it at the summer smash im so lucky i live like a 10 minute bus-ride from regents park
Does anybody have any metal faces for sale as i have only just found out they exist lol and really want some
Two posts above you.
Don't no how i missed that lol
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