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Full Version: What percentage of your collection is Hasbro/TAKARA-TOMY ?
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14 beys, 100 percent hasbro.
I've 100% takara beys, since they didn't sell sonokong beys in my area.
I own about 50% Takara-Tomy and 50% Hasbro. Due to the fact that I'm a huge collector, and my main goal is to get as many bey's as I can whether it's Hasbro or Takara-Tomy. Although the Hasbro Blade's are a lot easier for me to purchase. Smile
Mostly my Beys are Hasbro, but right now, my Takara-Tomy Bey collection is increasing due to my shop.

Currently, I'd say it's about 70% Hasbro, and naturally, 30% Takara-Tomy.
90% Takara Tomy, 10% Hasbro.

I could probably count the Hasbro Beyblades I have on both hands... I have a couple that use to be/have top tier parts and the Vortex Battle Set and Triple Battle Set Beyblade recolours. There aren't many places close by to me that sell Hasbro Beyblades, or ones that I need lately for a good price.
About 80% is TT, the rest are hasbro. Most bey's I get are from Y!JA anyway so, naturally more are TT.
Almost exactly 50/50; 21 of my 40 Beyblades are TAKARA-TOMY.

And the why:

First of all, I started buying Metal Fusion. I had no idea there was a hobby store here that sold TAKARA-TOMY. Around October 2010, before I joined, I had my friend send a YouTube message to momo, (because my friend has a YouTube account and I don't) asking where the store was that he got his TAKARA-TOMY Lightning L Drago. At that time, me and my friend were struggling to find a Lightning L Drago, we had searched for so many weeks. So when he got the message back, we went, both got a TAKARA-TOMY Lightning L Drago. After that, I mostly went back for the same reason; Hasbro's unavailability(?). I also got TAKARA-TOMY for things that Hasbro wouldn't release: My BB-32 obviously, and that adds two TAKARA-TOMY Beyblades to the list, Super Deck Set because it wanted a bad carp libra, Pegasis 145D because at that point it was super, L Drago 105F because I wanted to try this destabilizing attacker everyone was talking about, Gravity Perseus because at that point it was super cool and I knew Hasbro wouldn't release a BeyLauncher L/R, Vulcan Horuseus because at that point I had no idea that Hasbro would release it and it was the carp at that point (the good days, huh?), and just Beyblades that I wanted for competitive use that I would otherwise have to wait a very long time for Hasbro to release. These being Basalt Horogium, Flame Byxis, Ray Gil, Galaxy Pegasis, Burn Pheonix, L Drago Destroy, and Hell Kerbecs. I could be missing some, but you get the point.

All, with the exception of a few, of my Hasbro stuff, after I found out about the store, is just for collection.

Even at this point, the most I've seen at my stores was Galaxy Pegasis. I haven't gone since about December 10th, but even then, that was the first time I had seen Hasbro Galaxy Pegasis. They did have a Grand Ketos, but the package was all crunched up and the RS was bent, so I'm not counting it, haha.

Yeah so it's mostly about the availability. I don't shop online so it's difficult sometimes with Hasbro. Not complaining though, I still buy tons of Hasbro!
Well I probably only have 10% TT and 90% Hasbro.

The only TT beys i have are poison serpent, Hell kerbecs, and phantom orion, because i figured the parts would be good. So what i am getting at is the only time i get TT is when the parts are amzing. I lerned poison serpent sucks the hard way.
I would say 80% TT 20% HASBRO. It's because other than some idiotic trades, I've only bought HASBRO beys 3 times from the store trying to get better beys, other than that, it's all TT
I have 90% Hasbro, actually more than 90%. Only one TT bey, Flame Byxis.
I have 80% takara tomy 20% hasbro. The store where i buy my TT beys didnt have flame byxis and ray unicorn ran out so i had to buy the hasbro ones.
I'd say roughly 80% is Hasbro, due to not being able to buy TT products online often.
8% Hasbro I'd assume.
The only products of theirs I bought were Storm Pegasus, Earth Virgo and a few legend series Beyblades but apart from that I find their prices to be too expensive ($15 per Bey).
100% Takara Tomy Tongue_out

getting the latest gear = extra bragging rights
If we're talking about MFB, my collection is close to 100% TAKARA-TOMY for the simple reason that, in order to stay competitive, you need to keep up to date with the newest parts.
This topic can be for plastics and HMS too, although "TAKARA-TOMY" might be misleading.
The reason most of my beys are hasbro is probably because it's just more convenient for me.
It is about 60-40 for Hasbro simply because I included the countless re-buys for parts like RF.. Had I not included that, I'd say it would probably be 60-40 for TAKARA-TOMY..

Oh, thinking about it, if you include Plastics/HMS it is easily 90-10 for TAKARA..

Interesting topic!
The closest thing to accurate for me is 30% Hasbro 70%TT, mostly because of my plastics and HMS collection, as well as my 4D and Random Boosters.

I'm technically categorizing SonoKong as TT, I guess...
Calculating both my Plastics and MFBs.

Plastics - 6 Hasbro
17 Takara
It's because I got a lot of my Plastic Beyblades from the Philippines (Takara country) when I was youngGrin

MFB - 19 Hasbro
10 Takara
I got a lot of Beys from Australia (Hasbro country), I just recently got the TT beys from the Philippines

Thus I still have a bit more Takara than Hasbro because of my Plastics...
i'm about 100% TT and 0% hasbro. because i live in southeast asia. althought i want a hasbro's bey sometimes. but hasbro's beys are rare here and are expensive
100% TT, all 39 of my MFBs. Mainly because I need them asap for the Youtube videos.
100% Hasbro. I save more than a few bucks buying locally at Toys r Us, Target, or Walmart vs buying online and paying shipping that's 75% of the purchase price.
I have got 25% TT beys, and 75% Hasbro ones. Smile
But looking at the OP which asks us to consider TT, SK, Mani, and Funskool under one category, I have 100% TT products! Chocked_2
Wow, it sounds so nice!
-V- I wonder why would you include Funskool there, as Funskool is nothing but a distributor of Hasbro beys in India. Smile
They ARE Hasbro beys, just that the Hasbro logo on the box is covered with a "Funskool" sticker. And yes, it is a sticker, and not a new print. All Hasbro products (Transformers, Nerf, etc.) are distributed by Funskool here.
The other three(Mani, SK, TT) are understandable. They are completely different in comparison to Hasbro beys.
Or maybe, there are other countries where Funskool gives out TT beys?
EDIT- Forgot the reasons!
OK, I used to get too many TT beys in the plastics gen. When MFB arrived, I was unable to buy things online. And of course, I could not afford them too. Unhappy
The only authentic TT bey I own is Hell Kerbecs. I have 4 MFBs, 1 is this Hell Kerbecs from TT, and others are from Hasbro.
But now, the OP asks us to consider Mani, SK and Funskool under one category. The other 3 non-TT beys I own are Hasbro, distributed in India by Funskool. So this means, complying to the rules of this thread, I have 100% TT beys! Joyful_2
Wow, it feels SO nice to hear!! Someone who cannot afford to buy TT beys has 100% TT beys in his collection! Joyful_2
Oh, are they ? What is the company that asks, in the Philippines, for every kid to bring their packages to competitions ?
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