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Full Version: Omega Dragonis 85XF (Magazine exclusive)
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I think Hazel was referring to the variation in colour of Galaxy MW's we were discussing yesterday, ahah.

This thing honestly reminds me so much of galaxy it isn't funny.
Yes I know that, but iirc, everybody who has one would probably say that it's more purple than blue. There's yet a single comment from the owner that states it's blue. Unlike Galaxy where both cases have occurred. Pictures and videos are a little tricky when it comes to the actual color.
Weirdly it seems that it uses the same colour as Galaxy,
but it turns out that while Galaxy seems more blue(more purple in booster versions),
Omega seems purple in colour.
today I get my omega now I will make the testings, say me which I shall make, here my first testing:

standard procedure
Omega with sliding shoot
20 rounds
Mint RF
omega was in barrage mode

mf- h Omega pegasus(|||) ch145rf vs mf-h basalt bull th195 cs( semi aggrissive)
Omega - 15 wins ( 3 os/ 12 ko)
Basalt - 5 wins ( 1 ko/4 os)

Omega 75 %
What's Omega's bottom?
...TenshouYoku, please look at the title of the thread.
: He was referring to glowfire's test there, though, if he looked carefully, he would still spot the 'Mint RF' in the list of parts.
Oh. Well, yes, either way, reading better and such... something...
Yeah, I get you, and honestly, I jumped to the same conclusion (possibly due to his history), but yeah, this time, it's not quite so bad.
Ouch, my bad. Sorry.

Who's history is Th!nk refer to?
Oh sorry I forgot the rf, if you have request for testings I should say that at the moment I didn't have duo, guardian, wing ( 10-14 and I will get the set Grin), Diablo, kreis, fusion, blitz
Just to see how this does, can you try omega rf vs MF Basalt Bull BD145CS and some benchmark tests with variares r145rf? Oh and btw ch145 isn't really a good track. If its not to much do you mind testing tracks to see what does the best?
i will make, but it performance good against both I mean( I tested it 2 or 3 days ago)
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