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Full Version: The digimon thread
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I dont think there is a digimon thread so i thought id make one. I was sick all of today so i've rewatched all of season 1 and starting 2. I should have rewatched everything completely in a few weeks. So ive been hit with nostalgia (or however you spell it) so i figured here we could talk about anything to do with digimon such as favourite moments, characters, digimon etc. Plus talk about which is our favourite season and why Smile
Season 3, Tamers, was the best. It was a completely new universe and retained the feel of Digimon, but with way more human characters and a far more grown up story. Adventure (season 1) was the second best. Adventure 02 was pretty lame and Frontier was garbage.

Also, you forgot Season 5.
I didnt know there was a season 5? whats it called? My favourite is season 1 i think it was just great and i loved how it really showed off the different stages of digivolving. My favourite digidestined was sora and i liked her digimon as well.
Digimon Data Squad, or in Japan, Digimon Savers.
What was the Red Digimon in this Picutre :
And I loved Digimon lately I feel like watching it again, I don't know anyone that likes it lol.
Thats the main characters digimon from season 3 but i cant remember its name anymore. I dont remember much from season 3 so il have to rewatch it soon.
(May. 09, 2009  8:27 AM)Raykon Wrote: [ -> ]What was the Red Digimon in this Picutre :
And I loved Digimon lately I feel like watching it again, I don't know anyone that likes it lol.

Since i made this thread i will throw my 2 cents in lol. I love all seasons (except 3 because i dont remember it) i thought season 4 was excellent and i thought 2 was rather good. But my favourite is season 1. I loved Tai and agumon. My favourite digimon is war greymon i love everything about him. But there was atleast 1 form of all the main digimon in that season that i liked. I also liked the 4 dark masters.

To be honest i thought the only part of the season that was odd was when they versed apocolymon. He kinda came from nowhere. But other than that, it was a great season.
(May. 09, 2009  8:38 AM)Bey Brad Wrote: [ -> ]Guilmon.

I love that Digimon, I might start watching this again Grin
Apocalymon didn't make any sense ... but Japanese media is prone to having endings that seem spontaneous.
Lol yeah it should have stopped at piedmon or atleast put forward a better story before a final bad guy. But hey what can you do. Also another weird thing is how much they could digivolvolve in 1 day. Like that was always their biggest problem not being able to digivolve much but after myotisemon it was every 2 seconds lol. Oh and im sorry missing data squad was my bad i knew it existed but i forgot to add it in because its not coming out in australia. Has it aired in america?
i liked Season 1 and 3, 2 was kinda boring how the digivolve using eggs, 4 was just a bit wierd how they turn into the digimon. my fav digimon over all would have to be Gabuman and all the ones it digivolves into, Garurumon ect. prolly give Digimon a 7/10
2 was really different. Thats obviously what they were looking for lol. I think its slack how only 2 could turn into megas in the 1st season.
I only ever wathced the first season, the movie, and part of season 2. From that I obviously liked the first one the best. I sorta fell out of digimon after that.

I might check out Season 3 later. But I would probably end up watching Season 1 again first.
Season 1 was alright. Season Two was mediocre. Season Three was great. Season Four was horrid, and literally killed the franchise. Season Five seems to be return to form (and yes, this one has aired in both Canada, and the US).
To be honest i didnt realise the 3rd one would turn out to be so popular with you guys. I cant wait to watch it now and i want to find a way to watch data squad.
I like season 1 beacause it has my all time favourite digimon in it (Machinedramon, Peidamon, wargreymon, skull greymon, wizardmon, dark tyrannomon, Sabre Leomon, gryphonmon). But I also like season 2 and 3 alot too
i still have the games.and season 3 was great.i loved wargrowlmon
Season three was the best because it was the most epic.
Season 1 Subbed. I could only find up to 42 though. I really liked Garurumon or I'm just obsessed with wolves (I am). But the Japanese versions of each season owned the dubs
Wargreymon was my favorite if I remember correctly
Season 3 was win.
It's kinda funny, at the end of season three, I was talking to my bro (I was maybe 10) and after the whole deal with cards, then Digimon+Human digivolving, I said, quote
"What's next? The humans will be Digimon?"
The next year, I lold.
Here's a great site for fans of Season 3:
I have to say the first Season, it was pretty good and I liked it. I didn't like season 3 though but that is my opinion.

I really like the Digimon movie though, that was great.
I liked Frontier Unhappy
I actually enjoyed all of the seasons minus Data Squad... I tried watching it, but it didn't feel like Digimon to me. Anyone see the X Evolution movie? I like that one a lot.

And Beelzemon is probably my favorite Digimon <3
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