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Full Version: [Jakarta] [29 Oct 11] Bey Bash: Halloween Horror
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Ill lend you my beat lynx.
I cant, need my new 4D beys Grin and also, Thanks for the heads up Shika, maybe another promotion? Grin
Game Day tomorrow...

Remember to come early... I am still looking for the map...

just feel free to call me at 0811888606 for direction.

I am bringing a friend who will register ASAP Grin first Girl to compete IIRC
Izuma you can use my TH170 XD
All parts are ready to be borrowed, but if its my turn, i need my parts back.
Good luck tomorrow boys.. It seems like Sammy is the person to beat eh?
(Oct. 28, 2011  9:13 AM)Uwik Wrote: [ -> ]Good luck tomorrow boys.. It seems like Sammy is the person to beat eh?

Turns out sammy lie is my MOM's colleage mate.

Spam, reno ryukido. Reported.

Confirmed; egg can't come. Soccer lessons Uncertain
Pegasis BD145MF- the bey i shall be testing tommorow.

Somebody pick me up. Ill pm my adress. Or you pm me your adress. My mom can't pick me up there.
Anybody? PLEASE
Here is the link to the map:,106...15&vpsrc=6

The place is located at Jl. Pantai Indah Utara.

Here are the directions:

- From Muara Karang, just go straight & you will see the building is on the left.

- From highway, exit at Pantai Indah Kapuk. Just go straight on Jl. Pantai Indah Selatan 1 untill you see a big Indomobil showrrom. Turn right at Jl. Pantai Indah Timur. Follow the road & turn right at Jl. Pantai Indah Utara 1. When you see a small lake on the right, turn left at Jl. Mandara Permai. Just go straight & turn right at a big intersection. That is Jl. Pantai Indah Utara 2, just go straight. The building is on the right side.

There are a lot of security & traffic personnels. You can ask them for directions so you won't get lost. For anything else, you can call or text me at 0811888606

Thank you...

See you all at the tournament...

heading off after my manga, am sure of my combos! GET READY TO ROLL GUYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

3.................................. 2................................................... 1.................................................. GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO SHOOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

lets bring the house down!
Is your VA and PO there yet? Good luck to all of you, may the best man WIN!

IZUMA a big maybe? Yourjoking, right. Im confirmed to come.
hehehhehe, IKR, wanted some posts hereGrin and yes, I have my VA and PO already, as well as an impressive team, 4 attackers, 2 stamina types, and 2 defenders and you will want to be scared of all my attackers, MF-H Basalt 230 CS is a dead dog when against them................
Sooooo... Who won?
You really wanna know?
Kaskus. Congrats!
Ahh, i did not use bassalt AT ALL i proved my words, i came to the finals. So there.
I was beaten all by a bassalt 230CS combo, and a sytche and meteo l drago.
I at least made sammy lie lose. HARDCORE
2nd and 3rd place?, btw congrats kaskus!
(Oct. 29, 2011  2:40 PM)BladerNerd Wrote: [ -> ]2nd and 3rd place?, btw congrats kaskus!
Thanks. 2nd place Prasetyo & 3rd place Titanium Kaiser
Ur welcome, may i have your prize LDD, since you have 2? lol jkjk
let him keep it, he eared it, good job Kaskus and the others!

next time I have a little plan with my dad Grin hehehehhehe
Ah carp i lost. I lost discouragingly.... Bassalt. Uncertain
i kept my words. No bassalt usage for me. Only my phantom.
So, izuma update the list!
(Oct. 29, 2011  3:36 PM)BladerNerd Wrote: [ -> ]Ur welcome, may i have your prize LDD, since you have 2? lol jkjk
The old one is broken because it had so many tough battle yesterday Pinching_eyes_2
(Oct. 29, 2011  3:50 PM)Izuma Inzori Wrote: [ -> ]let him keep it, he eared it, good job Kaskus and the others!

next time I have a little plan with my dad Grin hehehehhehe
Your dad makes me nervous, egan (dont tell him) XD
he makes a lot of people nervous, I have a really good plan the many dont understand but when i go to him, he points out the faults. he knows he can cut the tourney time by half.
btw, ur brother was great egan! i never seen bladers with his age have a blader spirit like that, but i've beet him ._.
Blitz and rioge inzori has better RF skills than anyone i know, except you, tyo, your really good. Beating my king of beys 3-2 with hell aquario R145RF(R2F?) anyone have a video on this? Next time, please be more orginized i went home at 6:30 PM, and the tournament is officially finished at 7:13 something.
Blitz Inzori is screaming atm, shocked that everyone is scared of his RF skills, and Tyo, my Bro's RF is worn out, give me all the beys in the world, all the time in the world, and all the strength and i will be rank 1 bey points @ the next tourney Smug Tongue_outXD

have you seen MY XF/WF/MF/FB skills? I can make them go like little doggies to me!
Do you guys have pictures or videos? I'm interested in seeing them Smile
Shika & Izuma @ c u at next tourney boys..hehe , Its hard to be a champion huh...hehehe
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