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Full Version: [Jakarta] [29 Oct 11] Bey Bash: Halloween Horror
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FACEPALM! I need new stuff...........
Either do i, phantom will be my first 4d bey
And a nice one, too
Me and izuma are discussing a secret technique only useable on my secret combo, you guys better watch out, it does 100% on MF-H bassalt 230CS.
YOUR SECRET COMBO! unlikely....... I tested it against the basalt. heck it was awesome.
Full Bey? if yes, save it for me, three basalts wont hurt
Wpardin, do you sell RBV7? How much is one?
I want his BEat LYNX!!!!!!!!!!!!! darn it, I'd wilingly give my ultra rare Purple Earth for TH170
TH170 is AWESOME....

btw, in this tourney, we will be using box like WBBA use. right no, we have 3 in stock.
(Oct. 17, 2011  3:29 AM)wpardin Wrote: [ -> ]TH170 is AWESOME....

btw, in this tourney, we will be using box like WBBA use. right no, we have 3 in stock.
YaaY !!! I luv playing standing Joyful_2
Oh yeah!
RP.150,000 for RBV7? Uncertain
Either that, or you will have to wait for 4D releases in jakarta which is in a long time.....It is a mystery
Even if 4d is released in indonesia, you still have to search the random boosters for rare. they won't have the starters. only sonokong & hasbro release the starters.

can't wait till next week but i am still uncertain about a few of my combo.
bring it on!!!
Ok, we have 6 more days, so hyped! ONLY 1 SPOT LEFT!
I use my special beyblade but not basalt again
I will be using my NEW VariAres and Phantom Orion. lemma see if i can crack your Bey-egg egg XD Tongue_out
Hey Egan do you know what beyblades they will be selling there?
im coming
@ Destroy24, Ask wpardin mate Grin

@ Albert AG, just in time mate Grin we only have 4 more days!
: I will bring what I have in stock. Hopefully new stocks has arrived before the tourney.

Or I use my vary ares and my gravity perseus


Prepare to die, I have both now..........
And so do I. HAH.
Izuma, egg told me he has a soccer lesson, there is a 30% chance he's not coming. Don't put him off yet, ill tell you. K, izuma?
seems that ill have to do this without 4d......unless someone wants to lend me a phantom or beat lynx...
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