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Full Version: (New Brunswick, NJ) POSTPONED- Warriors of the Bey Park
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Bluezee and I have decided to host a tournament! I will be the main one hosting however as he sets things up, gives out help, info, etc. We notice that a lot of New Jersey bladers do not get to have tournaments up here so with that said, we would like to revive the NJ tournament scene. This is open for everyone from anywhere though. If you are interested and you will come, please post here and show interest. There will be prizes and guaranteed fun! Here is the information:

Date: July 30th, 2011

Venue: Bicentennial Park- 176 Hardenburg Ln, East Brunswick, NJ 08816
in the Playground area near the Volleyball nets.

Time: 1:00 pm sharp. I will be there at around 11 so if you want, you can come and free play for that time period but the tournament will start on time!

MFB Format Double Elimination

Stadiums: MFB Balance and MFB Attack

Projected turn-out: 15+ people


Possible Attendees:
Ultimate Kcpj
Burn Leon
King Of Blades
Could you put me as possible,I might be able to go
(Jul. 23, 2011  8:06 PM)Ultimate Kcpj Wrote: [ -> ]Could you put me as possible,I might be able to go

Absolutely. Thank you. Please see if you can make that a definite ASAP.
put me down as possible
(Jul. 23, 2011  8:23 PM)chrisfire360 Wrote: [ -> ]put me down as possible

Added. Thank you.
put me down as a possible
me, kerion. and King of Blades might be there. i live an hour and some min.s away but i might be able to go
You are both added. Thank you. Please get confirmation ASAP. I want to get this tournament approved early.
aww... y the 30th. T.T i'm gonna be in florida by then... well, i hope things run well. i wish you guys luck!
Put me on possible.
Wow! We are automatically listed!!! LOL

It is confirmed. KSpin can't wait!
This tournament is not approved yet, you are not supposed to make a thread for it. In the future, you will have to keep using this topic until your proposal gets approved. However, even now, you cannot include all those precise details about the tournament until it is approved.
(Jul. 24, 2011  12:51 AM)KillerSpinner Wrote: [ -> ]Wow! We are automatically listed!!! LOL

It is confirmed. KSpin can't wait!
'Cause Matthew's VIP. Wink
OK everyone, let's get it together! 5 days until the tournament date. I really want to get this approved so we can have fun! POST.
Im srry evryone. Ths tournament is canceled. it is clear that it wll not be aproved and i have no intentions of cming bck here. i dnt lke the tretment i hve ben geting dislexic and gtting my disablity mde fun of by mods is nt fair. plz frgve me if u cnt red this. bluezee is no lnger typing 4 me so im triying
NO! i was so excited for this tournament i was going to take my friend (he doesn't have an account)
i might stll do ths without wbo. PM me. I will explain/
Just to make things clear, we never made fun of anything, and we had no idea Spin-Sonic was dyslexic, so that comes out of nowhere and is just an attempt to make it seem like a worse attack than what we actually did, which was just confront "Spin-Sonic" about why he was suddenly more active exactly when Bluezee is suspended for one month ...