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Full Version: [TRADING] My Trading Thread
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I am willing to trade any bey in the following collection for any good bey
Here is my collection choose 3, 4, 5 (or you can customize your beyblade from available parts or improve on pre made beys) and special deal if u send before July 1 you will get both of my grips!
All beys are in in slightly used/ used condition all have been used it depends on what beyblade
Silver grip has rubber over it making it more comfortable all are hasbro
PM for offer.
I really want scythe kronos
[Image: IMG_0632.jpg]
Storm Pegasis 105RF x2
Rock Leone 145WB
Flame Sagittario C145S
Dark Bull H145SD x2
Dark Wolf DF145FS
Dark Cancer CH120SF x2
Lighting LDrago 100HF
Storm Capricorne M145Q
Rock Escolpio T125JB
Storm Aquario 100HF/S
i have multiple WB's
Ihave multiple rock's
I have multiple storms
1 pegassis is hasbro recolor and 1 l drago is hasbro recolor

All are hasbro even though i wrote takara names
(Jun. 22, 2011  8:51 PM)zflare3 Wrote: [ -> ]mint is not used
opened but not used
Sorry and thanks ive edited it
you can only bump every 48 hours.
(Jun. 23, 2011  2:44 AM)RustyXD Wrote: [ -> ]you can only bump every 48 hours.
I would Like a List of everything I can't tell everything from the Picture
(Jun. 23, 2011  10:31 PM)zflare3 Wrote: [ -> ]im in intrested in ONLY the red lightning u in uk?
I sent you PM telling my Location
[/color]ill trade any thing you want for a hand grip just look at my trading thread