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Full Version: BBC- Super Control Beys
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These will be just as illegal as Hasbro's, so they can only have one topic at most ...

July 2011
BBC-01 Starter Control Bey Big Bang Pegasis. (3885 yen)
BBC-02 Starter Control Bey L Drago Destroy. (3885 yen)
BBC-03 Control Bey Stadium. (2100 yen)

Obviously what is more interesting even right now is the new stadium, which somehow costs less than the Control Beys themselves :

In a way it resembles the Tornado BeyStadium.
LOL the face bolts look like carp Unhappy i have a feeling they will release more because of the BBC code Unhappy
on the upside the stadium has a nice color Smile

Thanks for the info Kai-V
looks like that sonokong stadium. could be fun to play in even for the normal beyblades.
(Jun. 14, 2011  5:02 AM)Otsu Wrote: [ -> ]looks like that sonokong stadium. could be fun to play in even for the normal beyblades.

Does the Triple Battle Stadium not have three of those ramps, not just two like this and the Tornado BeyStadium ?
These look like they cannot be customized at all ...

Edit: My apologies, thanks for the pics Kai-V!
Hahaha, is that an HMS Bit Protector on it?

It kind of looks like there's a ridge on the first picture on the left, but it might just me the lightning.

Thanks Kai-V.

EDIT: Looking at some of the other pictures, there seems to be a Tornado Ridge; you can see a sliver of it in the top of the most bottom picture.
What the world is that?
To be honest, I will definatly get them....ONLY if a couple of others in my area do aswell.
Looks like a bit of fun, stadium looks interesting.

Thanks Kai-V!
(Jun. 14, 2011  6:27 AM)Meteo LDrago Wrote: [ -> ]What the world is that?

If you're talking about the HMS Bit Protector, you can look it up on BeyWiki. It's there for a reason.
These look quite interesting and I wonder what the modes of controls are?? Hmmm...

Thanks Kai-V
That Big Bang Pegasis does really look similar to the Control Galaxy Pegasus of Hasbro.
this is why beyblade stopped before to many gimmics
cheers kai v
OH NO- will that use the old style launcher, ie tabs not hooks? Please no!
stadium looks good thanks for the info kai-v
TBH, they look bad

the stadium looks bad as well IMO, it might be fun but not very good tho.

also Kia-V the tornado stadium has 2 ramps

thanks for the image tho
(Jun. 14, 2011  9:14 AM)Callum6939 Wrote: [ -> ]also Kia-V the tornado stadium has 2 ramps

I know, that is what I have been posting all over this thread ... ?

Thank you RustyXD, Hero, OkiBlaze, Robsta, Galaxxy, xlr8 and Callum6939.
Is the transparent thingy(something like D tip) a reciever that 'catches' the signal from the RC?
I wonder how does it work.
man, takara-tomy did something i did not expect them to do... they did a hasbro...

anyways, thanks for the info kai-v
It looks quite interesting.. actually. Hopefully the stadium isn't the Tornado one that is expected. That stadium is completely unbalanced.

Thank you, Kai-V!
One word: Wow......

This seems very unlike TT, at least to me. I know they have done those mini-beys, but this?!
But on the bright side, it's most likely better than Hasbro's law breakers! And the stadium could be fun!

Ps- Yeah, I AM LAW!
Not too sure on the stadium, perhaps a steep gradient can make battles more intense, and I do seem to see a faint tornado ridge - May just be me.

Not keen on these, maybe it's interesting for the even younger but i'm definitely not keen on a kid's game going lower.
Thanks Kai-V.
Ah, yes, this definitely shows the Tornado Ring now :

That stadium might be quite good then.
If it works well it would be the cheaper alternative to BB-10!

I pray that it is Joyful_3

Thanks a bunch Kai-V! Btw where do you find these pictures or do you actually have the coro-coro magazine?
Interesting. Lol plastic beys with HMS Bit Protectors. LAWL. Stadium is weird, and lolwut the price is LOWER than the beys themselves? Man this just got weird. xD Thanks for the pics Kai-V.
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