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Full Version: Buying spare parts MFB
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I am looking for some parts. Must be under £5
I am buying almost every good part
Post offers in thread please

By good I mean has good testing results or has use in a well-known combo
You can only bump every 48 hours. Your "." post counts as one.
i'll sell my 1 rubber flat for £1, i don't really care for it, i actually have a spare, it's a little worn out, gets dirty easily, and sometimes gets a little burnt
you might wanna wait a couple of hours because i'm not at my house where the rubber flat is
Is it in good condition?
I have edited the OP
i got an rf i think is still good but is up to u
How much is it?
£3.00 same price i got it for
ok. whats your paypal address
you should continue to pm at this stage infact before this
edited OP
GO ON EBAY! Ebay may be somewhat overpriced, but they usually have good parts