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Full Version: What mobile phone do you have?
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Yeh, post your model here, and tell us a quick review on it, and its features.
I own a Motorola Droid R2D2 Special Edition.
Its a great phone, i used to own the motorola droid original version but updated it not so long ago, the phone runs on the android operating system which is personally my favourite OS for mobiles, it can download hundreds of apps from the app store and if overclocked runs extremely fast. i have a special battery which sticks out the back like a sore thumb but more than doubles the original battery life. Alltogether this is an amazing phone with an ok camera and a bright screen, i would rate it a 8/10.
This thread can go places if more people posted their thoughts on the phone they own. I feel like some review places are highly biased or too "expecting" somehow.


Samsung Intercept on Virgin Mobile.

It's my first smart phone, so I was probably expecting a little too much. I will review both the phone itself and the Android OS.

In terms of flexibility, it runs on Android, so applications are abundant. However that is not without a downside, which will be discussed later. Currently I have apps that do math conversions for units (time, distance, mass/weight, etc), as well as a scientific (ish, it's missing the π button; at least it has trigonometric buttons) calculator and "electricity" app (has formulas for equations that revolve around electricity, resistor color codes, SMD resister codes, Ohm's Law, etc). Apps for forums even exist (I can access the "mobile" version of KWA's airsoft forum, as well as Bimmerfest's mobile version of their forum).

However the abundance of apps is not without downside. There is no real quality control for these apps besides from ratings provided by users. The app market/store is not like Apple's, where the apps are tested for quality and content. Android's app store is basically a free for all- anyone can develop and upload. Some applications can even knock out certain features (For some reason Crunchyroll's Android app knocked out my 3G/Data and Wifi capabilities until I force closed it). Be careful what you download, and don't download EVERYTHING.

On this phone, you have both the touch keyboard and the slide-out keyboard. The slide-out, physical keyboard is fantastic. Buttons are big enough without feeling "cramped" in my opinion. However it is a slightly modified version of the QWERTY keyboards normally found on computers. The "b" button for example is placed to the right of the space bar, with the "n" being to the right of that, and the "m" to the right of the "n". Needs time getting used to, but it's not really that much of a big deal.

The touch screen itself is decent. It's not MASSIVE, but it's not Gameboy Micro sized. Can be bright if need be, but I myself put it on the semi-brightest setting to conserve battery.

Sometimes the touch screen does not recognize your movements until a small moment later, this might be due to the phone's hardware not being able to keep up with the movement speed, or the OS itself. I'm not too sure.

The Android OS can hang up on you in general, sometimes lagging behind commands, touch-screen presses, etc, then completely freeze up. A few moments are needed for it to unfreeze by itself, but it's a pain. I found that switching through SMS/texts to browser to Facebook to Twitter (in any order, with almost any program) very fast can cause the hang ups and freezes.

The phone comes with a 2gb micro SD card, which is handy.

Battery life can last you between 4 to around 10 hours, depending on use. Use of certain apps can drain battery life faster, as well as keeping Wifi/Bluetooth/Sync mode/GPS on all the time. I noticed things like the Tiger GBA emulator app can drain battery quick, despite having a play session of 30 minutes.

I installed Launcher Pro (free version) on this phone. It worked fine until recently, where it froze up the phone quite a bit. Upon force quit and uninstall, the phone runs faster.

Camera is somewhat decent. That said it's a phone camera, you're not going to be taking long-range shots with this.

The phone comes with little to no apps, you'll have to find and download those on your own.

There is a problem I keep running across when it comes to Contacts. Certain contacts are uneditable, where you try to edit their information and save, but Contacts ends up not responding and force quitting itself. This does not apply to every contact. However it would be nice if this issue was resolved as multiple users have encountered this problem.

The phone itself is not all that big in its compact state, unlike things like the HTC Evo 4. This is not without trade-off: the Intercept's screen is not as big as the Evo 4's, among other things.

It's a good non-contract Android phone for an unlimited data plan ($25 a month). However if you want more out of an Android phone (using more memory-extensive apps, Live Wallpapers, faster processing speed, etc), look elsewhere (Virgin Mobile mainly, I have bad experiences with AT&T.).
I've got the HTC Evo 4G on Sprint. I just upgraded from a Motorola Droid 1 on Verizon.

So far I honestly LOVE this phone. I was trying to hold out for an iPhone, but I decided against it, mostly for cost issues (security deposit for my contract on Verizon or AT&T would've been $400, not to mention their plans are way more expensive than Sprint's).

The screen is huge, which makes the phone kind of large too. Some people might not like that, but I love the extra screen real estate, especially when typing. I have big hands with long fingers (but small, width-wise) and the bigness of the phone is actually really nice for me.

Aside from that it's pretty much your standard Android fare. I don't really care at all for HTC's skinning of the Android OS, I would MUCH prefer the pure, stock Android GUI and I'm sure I could put it on there if I really wanted to, I'm just lazy and don't feel like rooting the phone.
I have an LG CF360. It's an altogether okay slider phone. It has a normal size screen. I give it an 8/10. It's okay for what it does.(I have an unlimited talk/text plan for $15. The data is expensive, though.)
I have no mobile phones but my father has Nokia E63 and my mother would be getting Nokia C7 ... right now she has Nokia is evident both my parents only like Nokia phones
i'm currently using sony ericson w705..i like its design...and the most important have walkaman feature..heheh
I have a Motorola DroidX for Verizon. It has a huge screen, runs smooth, easy to use, and has a nice amount of memory. Only real downside is that if you make it run too many tasks for too long it starts to overheat and slow down.
Currently owning 2 mobile phones - Nokia C7 and Samsung Galaxy S.
i'm using nokia 5630, i like it because of the features.
iPhone 3GS on AT&T. ._.
It's my first phone (my parents were really picky with when I would get my first one), but I could've settled for something more common in 12-year olds. My mom got an iPhone 4 for Mother's Day, and for some reason she and my dad agreed that they would let me have her old 3GS. I'm not complaining, but I don't want to sound like a snobby rich kid either.
my last few phones have been

iphone 3g (had it for 2 years)
iphone 3gs (had it for 2 months..screen broke)
sony ericsson xperia x10 (was carp carp, had it for 6 months)
iphone 4 (had it since february)
LG Rumor Touch Fml Uncertain had almost a year i should be getting new one in September Uncertain witch is Samsung Epicâ„¢ 4G
i have a standard Verizon Mobile It is Black and my first phone It has uinlimited text and 500 Pre paided minutes but that is it reallyPinching_eyes
LG KS360-First Phone-It now freezes when I do anything it is as battered as cod in a fish and chip shop. Some buttons are stiff, it takes 15 minutes to turn on...minimum. I wouldn't rely on it when going down a dark ally way at night.

Blackberry Curve 8520-Second Phone-Opposite of first phone basically.
I have the Blackberry Bold 9650 on Verizon. (But I have a 4th gen iPod Touch and an iPad 3G for all of my iphone-app fun).

Will be getting one of the new Blackberrys when they drop though!
Ive got a LG Optimus =D
Its alrite but I hate its battery time.
But its good when your at school and your bored so you go on fb with it.
Im on 3

FYI Phones are not to be used in school
(Jun. 02, 2011  3:51 PM)BurnBladerX Wrote: [ -> ]iPhone 3GS on AT&T. ._.
It's my first phone (my parents were really picky with when I would get my first one), but I could've settled for something more common in 12-year olds. My mom got an iPhone 4 for Mother's Day, and for some reason her and my dad agreed that they would let me have her old 3GS. I'm not complaining, but I don't want to sound like a snobby rich kid either.

At least where I live having an iPhone4 does not make you a snobby rich kid, even at 12. Phones are phones... Not really a big deal money wise to purchase a phone, it's the different plans that get you there. (well unless your using one of those $8,000+ vertu phones...)
Nokia E63 Unhappy its a boring phone! Will be getting HTC WildFire. Horray
I have an iPhone 4.
It's great, does what I want.
Planning on getting an Xperia Arc. It's an absolutely gorgeous looking phone.
I have an iPhone 3GS. I think I was really lucky on this, because it was literally half the price of every other phone at the store. It's really nice, but sometimes, since I have "snausage" fingers, as my family calls them, the touch screen doesn't read correctly. But that's easily remedied. Overall, I think it's a good phone.
I also have a iPhone 3GS it's my Mum's old phone. It does it's Job and I can pull it out and have a Computer and everything in my hands. Its fantastic. If there was 1 thing I could complain about is Battery life. Man it is SO Bad. iPhone's have a reputation for small Battery capacity but this is Horrible.
I also get some dodgy typing as blah knows xD
Im probably gonna be stuck with it until.......Next year probably. Then I doubt I will be getting another iPhone.
I have the HTC HD7 which runs Windows Phone 7. It's a nice change from the current 'owners' of the smartphone market. Windows phone looks really nice and runs smooth as hell.

It has a 4.3 inch capacitive touch screen and the feel of the phone is great. Although the screen isn't as good as Super AMOLED or Super LCD, it does suffice for viewing videos.

It contains a sick as kickstand which is great for watching videos. (':

It doesn't have as many apps as the Apple App Store does but the apps it does have are of great quality (although expensive. Quality > Quantity.

People integrates all your contacts into one place where you can link them and on the press of a contact, many options come up. Such as whether you'd like to call, text or email them. This is really nice.

One problem however, is the battery life. Like pretty much all smartphones it sucks and lasts only about a day or two.
People say this phone and Windows Phone 7 are bad but just give it a try. There's a huge chance you might like it; so many others did. [;

Oh and the Windows Phone Mango update comes out this fall. It will revolutionise Windows Phone forever. The features Microsoft will be adding will take Windows Phone 7 to the next level.
I have a 16GB black iPhone 4. it is jailbroken. Version is 4.3.3. I love this phone as it has an awesome design, sharp camera and lots of features/ available apps Smile
hey, so any Blackberry fans here? One of the best things about the device is how you can change it to make it like a brand new device whenever you want.... I didn't make any of these themes, but I've worked with the devs and created some videos showcasing them! So, if you thought blackberry didn't have anything special about it, check these videos out!





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