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Full Version: [Miami Lakes, Florida] 5/29/11 Mayblades!
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(Jun. 06, 2011  2:30 AM)Deikailo Wrote: [ -> ]For Renzan, just use a personal email of your own and have Kai-V sign him up. If he shows up to another tournament, ask him for his email and Kai-V can edit it back to that.

All of my personal emails are registered to the WBO for this reason...

Renzan's dad PM'ed me, so I think that now everyone who attended who didn't have an account has one.
This tournament's results have been processed. Contact me if any mistakes were done.
where is the video of the tornament
(Aug. 08, 2011  1:13 PM)bestblader1998 Wrote: [ -> ]where is the video of the tornament

One of the participants asked me to not display videos with them in them. Until I have the participant edited out, I can't post the videos.
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