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I don't think one of the main characters in fairy tail will actually die. I knew Ultear would save him, it was kind of obvious, Hiro doesn't like killing off characters.
I'd like to point out that they pulled off a LOT of Ultear fan service for this chapter. The cover page has her nude with her breasts covered only by her crystal orb, there's a shot of her nude with her back to the reader so we can see her guild tattoo (and her posterior, of course) and even the younger version of her seen in the flashback wore kind of a weird, very skimpy one-piece swimsuit... Kinda weird Oo

Technically, AeroRespawn, you didn't win: Gray did die. He died along with several other wizards, which is why Ultear sacrificed her 'wretched life' to bring back time for as much as possible and, although she could only give them a single minute, it was enough.

This sacrifice, while kinda coming out of nowhere, is actually a good one: More than anyone else in the show so far, Ultear has been evil simply because she's twisted: Jellal was manipulated by Ultear herself, Meredy was dependant of Ultear because of a trauma, but Ultear... Why did she join Hades? Why did she manipulate Jellal? Because she's evil, that's all. As such, this extra minute she gave the others, if a bit disappointing from her POV, is a nice end to the character. I doubt she's actually dead, but if she were, it would be okay.

As a side note, I think it's nice that Hades actually seemed to be somewhat kind to his subordinates and looking out for them. It's a nice touch!
Well he did die, but not anymore so I guess you're right. But either way, Gray and a few other wizards lived.

She became twisted when she saw her mother with Gray and Lyon, and thought that Ur abandoned her when in truth, the institution lied about Ultear's death, "in which Ur cries after finding out that her daughter is supposedly dead. After thinking her mother abandoned her, she found herself under the tutelage of Hades, and through it learned the Magic of the Arc of Time. From it she was led to believe that once she reaches the Ultimate Magic World, she would be able to complete the Arc of Time, and with it, be able to go back in time to relive and change her past."

~Fairy Tail Wikia

I knew what happened but the wikia explains it better, hah.
Man, Fairy Tail is creating a ton of Time Paradoxes, now.

If the Gates never existed in the future, then that means that everything that happened (The destroyed city, Ultear's sacrifice and even just Rogue learning his future self is responsible) never could have happened: There never was a means to go back to the past to begin with. But then, the reason for which you destroyed the Gates has never existed either... so you never HAD a reason to destroy the Gates! So they just can't have destroyed the Gates either Oo Even worse: If the Gates don't exist in the future, then Rogue never came in the past and Natsu never could have punched him so hard in the face that he destroyed the Gates... so the Gates never CAN have been destroyed OO

T-This just doesn't add up! I hope they know what they're doing XD I like that Future-Rogue still seemed a bit sad when speaking about Frosch's death, though.
Wonder what Mashima-sensei has in store for us on July 11th.
...What do you mean? Is there some announcement coming? L/
So, this week and next week, there's a TRIPLE-FOLD of chapters! I guess the mangaka just really wanted to get those more uneventful parts out of the way or he just wanted to treat the fans (And what a treat it is.

In the first chapter, we see some kind of ball/celebration at the palace where all the guilds in the tournament talk and laugh. I love these kinds of moments where we see people that used to be enemies just chat it up happily. For example, Rufus and someone whom I think is supposed to be Elfman chum it up and cheer for Sabertooth and Fairy Tail's good relation. That's really something I like because, when you think about it guys like Rufus or the Lightning God Slayer guy weren't evil or even bad people at all: They were full of themselves and pretty smug but, once they're brought down a peg, they're still nice people. So the celebration goes on and... Yeah, it's just a fun chapter Joyful_3

The second one deals with what happens to Ultear and I won't spoil it, it's better if you read it.

Same deal for the third one, just read it. It's THAT badass *____*
Holy carp I feel bad for Gray and Ultear. It was an excellent idea what Mashima did, but daaammmnnnn so many feels.

They finally mentioned Tartaros (Tartarus technically but w/e), so we might get another epic fighting arc alongside Oración Seis and Grimoire Heart.
A sequel to the Fairy Tail anime is confirmed!
Not to be a fanboy but o[iwqeghiqwehgipoeqhgoiHWEGIOHGeghoe
*Cue 'Hallelujah Song'*

Loving this new arc, lots of twists and stuffs Grin
This woman's hips freak me the hell out, man Oo
Did you guys know that episode 176 and 177 was released this month? Smile
I knew it restarted but I thought only 176 was out.
Well I'm not really sure that episode 177 is realesed yet but I've read about it on Fairy Tail wiki that episode 177 was realesed on April 8 2014 ( I'm not really sure that it's april 8 though) but I'm positive that it will be realesed this month I promise Smile
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