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I'm currently at the Tenrou Island Arc, and there's nothing but cliffhangers here, but I love it Pinching_eyes_2
Im kind of on a hiatus for Fairy Tail, I stopped at episode 52 I think. I was kind of disappointed because I expected an epic arc, especially after good arcs like Tower Of Heaven, and Fighting Festival.
Man forgot to post here, chapter 299 was another carpy one. But then I realized episode 300 is coming and that means THEY GET A COLOUR PAGE AND EPIC CHAPTER!!!

So I did some research and the chapter will be epic...I hope I'm right Grin
Chapter 300...It was alright but now we get a sense of what's happening. 14 years and july 7 when the dragons disappear... Is it the revival of all the dragons and the call of all dragons.

MAN can't wait for next chapter!
I Can't Wait To See The Dragons Story And What Milky Way Can Do
So I read the latest chapter that came out today, pretty interesting.

First I thought Natsu and the rest were going to end up in a trap but NO. They were going back to the past, someone stopped them, someone tried to stop them, he failed and people were gone. Pretty much a cliche'.

Although, I hope for next chapter it'll be better!
Season 2 of Fairy Tail has been confirmed to be dubbed by FUNimation!! AWESOME!!!!

Fairy Tail is so good that I had actually started watching the subs after I ran out of dubbed episodes to watch (That is from episode 49 onward) The only other anime I actually forced myself to read through subtitles before was Bleach, so it's at least on the same level, to me. Although pretty much all the voices are excellent in both versions, I'm honestly glad it'll be dubbed, if only for Erza's gorgeous english voice *__*

No release date yet, though. I think I'll buy it...

Chapter 303, was alright. Not much action going on but hopefully in the next chapter at least 5 pages would be action. Because I see FairyTail as a cliche, but Mirjana, Wendy and Natsu. Will they work together? I dunno maybe Natsu will destroy it all Grin
Something really big is about to happen in Fairy Tail, either during or after the Grand Magic Games, WAITING A WEEK FOR EVERY CHAPTER IS SO WORTH IT
i read the manga and its awesome
its a bit father than you guys but not too much
This week's chapter had possibly one of the best 'shock moment' in any manga I read, including 'Aizen is alive and is TEH bad guy' reveal from Bleach.

God, I love Fairy Tail so much... Why did Rogue become like that? D:

EDIT: I know it's been months since anyone posted in this topic... nut dammit, I wanna talk 'bout sum' Fairy Tail!!
Jeez Fairy Tail and Bleach is just getting good and Naruto going on the downside now.

Interesting there were 2 people from the future. We get Rouge somewhat looks different the present Rouge and Lucy but....My guess is Lucy is Light and Rouge is Dark?
I think it's pretty obvious when I say that a fusion of Rogue and Sting in the future most likely occurred. It seemed like Rogue changed for the better too after losing in the Daimatou Enbu, which makes me wonder what would have caused him to go crazy and 'absorb' Sting if that happened. Perhaps Frosch was outright killed in the future when Eclipse was activated?
where can i see this?
OMG!! This week's chapter O_O

Cobra's back, baby! At this point, it's probably a good thing that the anime is over, since Cobra had also come back in a filler with a completely different set of magic abilities. In fact, in that filler, he had pretty much ditched the Dragon Slayer magic...

But whatever! This is awesome on six different levels! *___*
Were can I find episodes 51-??? without the change in dub voices?
(May. 02, 2013  11:09 PM)earthwolf1404 Wrote: [ -> ]Were can I find episodes 51-??? without the change in dub voices?
You can't really find them bro, english sub can be search bro.
I knew Cobra would come back, he's the only other Dragon Slayer in present-time that could help. Mashima knows how to keep people wanting more XD
Well, this week's chapter was... interesting, I guess...

So, Zirconis, the dragon that claimed to like eating humans before, now explains that he likes eating human but not clothes... so he has a magic that makes clothes disappear. At first, he uses it to basically strip all the soldiers... and then he uses that magic on Lucy. Of course he does.

*Sigh*... Can't say I'm very surprised...
The magic that takes away your dignity lol. That Mothergrea thing looks like an air fortress with those egg bombs that create more monsters.

I absolutely LOVED this chapter! Having Natsu and Atlas teaming up so quickly and so willingly shows what awesome characters the two are. 'So you tried to use me, huh?' 'He sure did! So we're buddies, right?' 'Yep'

Loving it! I also like the fact that Natsu strongly objects to killing present Rogue, not even bringing up the fact that killing him could cause a serious time paradox because then the reason why they killed Rogue in the first place would no longer exist, so they would never have HAD a reason to kill him at all, but rather because Natsu doesn't want to kill an innocent dude that hasn't done anything.

But the part where Natsu and Atlas team up is definitely the best!
And.....Gray dies. I really bet a million dollar on Gray fan actually gonna kill them selves. That's all I'm gonna say.
(Jun. 12, 2013  4:31 PM)Stars Wrote: [ -> ]And.....Gray dies. I really bet a million dollar on Gray fan actually gonna kill them selves. That's all I'm gonna say.

Nah, Gray isn't going to die. Someone is going to show up and save him.


Then..Why this page ( really shows that seems like a head shot? I win.

Page 16 to be exact. But you won't get it unless you read what came beforehand.
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