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Full Version: [Charlottesville, Virginia] 5/21/11 Yankee Invasion: First Wave
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1st Place: Deikailo
2nd Place: The Problem
3rd Place: The Ship

Yankees win! Get ready for round two: the second wave!

Time: 11am
Date: Saturday, May 21st, 2011
Location: The End Game Center
Fee: $5 store fee + WBO fees
Format: to be determined at the tournament

Same thing as every other tournament I run. For curious parents, the tournament takes 4-5 hours. Call or text if you are going to be late: 631-745-7001. If you do not call and you're late, you do not get in.


Blaze Wheeler
beast chimaera
Captain Caprii

Total: 13

[1] BB-01 Starter Pegasis 105F (no beypointer)
[3] BB-10 Attack Beystadium
[6] BB-65 Starter Rock Scorpio w/ deck box (Hasbro)
[12] BB-78 Booster Rock Giraffe R145WB
[15] BB-85 Metal Face Heavy Orange version
[12] BB-88 Starter Meteo L Drago LW105LF
[12] BB-92 Booster Galaxy Pegasis W105R2F
[12] BB-93 Booster Ray Unicorno D125CS
[4] BB-95 Booster Flame Byxis 230WD
[6] BB-96 Beyblade Super Deck
[24] BB-99 Starter Hell Kerbecs BD145DS
[12] BB-100 Random Booster Vol.6
[1] BB-102 Booster Screw Capricorne 90MF
[15] BB-104 Starter Basalt Horogium 145WD
[4] BB-107 Big Bang Pegasis DX Set
[24] WBBA Limited Attack & Balance Parts Set
[12] WBBA Limited Stamina & Defense Parts Set

If you live close to North Carolina, be sure to check out the next up and coming tournament in Greensboro, North Carolina!
Awesome! Cant wait for this! Also nice name deikailo!
Thanks! Grin If you can bring friends, do it! Let's make this community a success.
JEASUS I JUST GOT 100 Bucks Today ima take 60 out for tournament Grin
Nice! Grin

Tournament for North Carolina is up. Not official yet, but it will be...
I'm coming I will destroy all of you.Eee ProbalyPinching_eyes_2
i don't think you can... lol joking!
(Apr. 30, 2011  10:32 AM)Matthewop Wrote: [ -> ]i don't think you can... lol joking!
Only one way to find out. Wink
Wow i think our Team will be a Monster :> to Take All Points From VA Bladers xD
What age range are we looking at here?
(May. 02, 2011  2:28 PM)trumpetblade Wrote: [ -> ]What age range are we looking at here?

Any, there are no age limits with WBO tournys
Just a heads up, despite the fact that I've never competed before, I just want you all to know that I will still be a threat. Really looking forward to this competition.
We don't go easy and we never underestimate our opponents either.

You should look into going to the North Carolina tournament the next day with us, too.
I can"t wait
(Apr. 29, 2011  4:39 AM)Deikailo Wrote: [ -> ]Thanks! Grin If you can bring friends, do it! Let's make this community a success.

Can u send a damn tour bus to georgia
It's going to north carolina. Should go there Smile if I get enough people there, I'll keep going south.
Do I need A beypointer to go, Or Can I just go for fun?
Nope, no beypointer. You just have to pay the fee and we record your score online. If you look below my avatar, you see my "beyrank", which keeps track of my wins/loss. Right now, I'm ranked #93 worldwide.
Ok, I'll probably be there.
Probably or definitely? I don't include maybes.
I'm going and Kaylaomaru might come with me too. And in the PM it said the format would be Double Elimination, what does that mean?
The PM was back when I thought I could get 30 people to come. It will be some form of round robin for now.
What is round robin
(May. 09, 2011  1:09 PM)BBlader009 Wrote: [ -> ]What is round robin

... Read the Event Guide, or just use Google ...
(May. 07, 2011  10:58 PM)Deikailo Wrote: [ -> ]Probably or definitely? I don't include maybes.
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