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Full Version: [West Berlin, New Jersey] 5/15/11 Topsy Turnpike
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Man why arent there many bladers in Pennsylvania?! All there is are bakugan players!! ah!!!!! Unhappy( lol
(May. 14, 2011  1:46 AM)Guitar Blader Wrote: [ -> ]is it nor mal for someone to be super nervious two days before their first tourny or does that make me a freak in this community too?
This is a searious question not a joke

It's normal to be nervous, I was the entire week before my first tournament. But you have nothing to be nervous about. The community is really nice, and it's a lot of fun. If you need any help, just ask for it. Just be careful with your stuff, as we have had a few people steal before.
Does anyone know how to get here by bus?
(May. 14, 2011  4:06 AM)Shippudenface Wrote: [ -> ]Does anyone know how to get here by bus?
There is absolutely no way to get here by bus. Believe me, I've tried.
who should i bring my friend or my cousin
Bring both. Deikailo, can you post everything left over from Maryland you'll be selling?
Is There WiFi Available for Livestream as I missed Both Uncertain
Oh my god so nerveus iv been shaking cant wait to see how my new flame libra will work, and how my special japanese cyber pegusus work, how much is a big bang pegusus and a stadium together????Cant wait until tommorrow.
Its finished......It was Today. Unhappy Man I feel for you.
No it isn't, the tournament is tomorrow.

Anyway, I hurt my hand in baseball, so now I can't hold a launcher. Any suggestions?
winde up bight work, but it's slow
bight = might typo
or strap a grip to your L arm
like how it comes from YU's sleeve
(May. 14, 2011  11:49 PM)Cyber Blader Wrote: [ -> ]No it isn't, the tournament is tomorrow.

Anyway, I hurt my hand in baseball, so now I can't hold a launcher. Any suggestions?

Wrap youre hand in a bandage? It'll feel better AND it looks cool xD
think i can go but where do i go? also ive got 4 friends that might come. is there an age limit? can you customise beyblades
i really need answers quick
also do you need a tag team partner
You go in the store. There is no age limit, and you can customize your beyblades.
by the way i have a burn pegusus who hasnt been deafeated yet
i cant wait im tingling
i am sorry to say that Burn Leon, kerion, and King of blades have to withdraw from the tournament. i am sorry Unhappy
what is the best beyblade
(May. 15, 2011  2:34 AM)fufudyl Wrote: [ -> ]what is the best beyblade

There is none, and that has nothing to do with the topic.
I'm sorry guys, but the tourney time conflicts with my move out date. There's no way for me to make it in time. I'm sorry for costing you a judge.
what stadiums being used?
I believe we're using the Attack Stadium, but we might also use the Super Attack and the Balance Stadium.
do u need a partner npt sure if mine can come or not
No, you don't need a partner.
i meant im not sure if my partner can come or not
what if i do hav a partner though? sorry for askin so much questions
Okay, but they're not team battles.
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