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Full Version: [West Berlin, New Jersey] 5/15/11 Topsy Turnpike
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(May. 04, 2011  7:47 PM)Emersonmartinez Wrote: [ -> ]sweet but I whet go to maryland I need ride becuse of the beyblade battels
Dunno You ask IKMV
EDIT* Sometimes he go Maryland Whatever Free Time he have With his Team G.A.B.E
I dont know him
Emersonmartinez, unless you want to make a conscious effort here, don't post.
fine il go
if my mom let me ok
where is this is it very far from new york city if its farther than 2 hours i probably will not go.
Pretty Big Chance I am going
(May. 05, 2011  8:52 PM)Burnblader0122 Wrote: [ -> ]where is this is it very far from new york city if its farther than 2 hours i probably will not go.
It's about an hour and a half... but it's got an amazing community so it's worth the drive.
(May. 05, 2011  11:11 PM)fufudyl Wrote: [ -> ]Pretty Big Chance I am going
The fufu bros! Grin Totally looking forward to seeing you guys.
great ill try and comvince my mom Smile
where exactly is it i need directions and is any bey legible??
Round 3, can anyone give me a ride? PLEASE RESPOND!!!!!
[Huge quotes removed.]
Please add me to the list!! RyanDero. I will be there
Ryandero will be there!!
add me to the3 tournament register me and il pay 5 there also what are the exact directions??
Go to the website and it will explain it there?
what website???
nvm too far for me its going to take me 3 hurs im just going to go to the one in brookland
Im still coming along with my lil bro fufuman
(May. 12, 2011  1:50 AM)fufudyl Wrote: [ -> ]Im still coming along with my lil bro fufuman
Can't wait to see you guys again. You were both really fun to talk to. Grin
Add me to the atendees along side my little bro fufuman
Waaaay ahead of ya ;p
With how the weather is I wont be attending since fuel costs is killing me right now and my funds ar ebeing diverted to other things sorry guys.
I need to make my little cousin an account for the tounament
fufucuz? lol! Be sure to put in your username where it says referred by. Smile
Damn that sucks, I was hoping to blade you ikmv.
Well, now my chances of going to this tournament are now 0%. No car (my parents' lease on our car ended) to drive me there, grounded, and lazy. So I can't go either.
is it nor mal for someone to be super nervious two days before their first tourny or does that make me a freak in this community too?
This is a searious question not a joke
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