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Full Version: [Sydney, Australia] When Beys Collide! (April Holidays)
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Name: When Beys Collide!
Date: 21st of April 11am-2pm
Venue: Burwood park like the previous tournament.
Format: Double Elimination, Round Robin  if we have ~14 or less participants.
Expected turnout: 10-30 people

Extra Information:

So as to make sure everything runs smoothly, I'll also have the assistance of Momiji Manju in the running/organisation of the tournament.
PLEASE BRING STADIUMS (especially Legal ones)

Momiji Manju
Bakers Dozen
Hope (Glinny)
storm pegasus5

shadow hawk666
I know you got the name from WWE.
I stuffed last tourney.
I have a BB-10 and one is coming. Should I bring them?
Wait 21st? Thats a Thursday right? If so I will be on the interested list.
Hah, he got the name from me, actually.

Bring as many legal stadiums as possible haha, any would be appreciated.
Ohh okay but im still not 100% Since its a weekday. Weekdays are hard because my parents are at work and I wake up late on weekdays. And I think I have a Parra outing on the day. But I can just cancel the outing so I guess I canmake it but may be a bit late.
Yeah maybe...
okay i might come put me on the interested list
nah.. i don't think so yeah i'll see when my parent's Come Home for i am not sure
Awesome i should be able to be there.
Cool sounds fun.
hey i could come but what time?
ill try to come, put me as maybe
i will be a maybe i will confirm when the day gets closer

oh and this is offical right ?
so you proposed for it to be an official tourny i hope it is an official
If its on a weekday put it on interested list okay =D
Momji and GreeNx, I'm definetly coming and can my friend come?
I stuffed up in Rd2 when I lost in a clean sweep.
can you please put me down as interested, im not sure i can go yet.
My dad is working on that day and my mum dosen't know how to get to burwood. Put me on the interested list. If I can go, it would be my first beyblade tourney ever!

Also, a hasbro stadium isn't really welcome to the tourney right?
it's welcome, but not for tournament use. It's absolutely fine for free play.

Also, Blackleone wishes to join.
i have a feeling i cant come
due to me dad trying to get a day off is hard
um???? just to ask
why was this so late notice lols????
Just to point out that there is no 'h' in 'Tomas185'. Also, what are the prizes for placing 1st, 2nd or 3rd in the tournament apart from beypoints?
ok might come is this official? if so u can find me easy because i'll be wearin my COD Black ops shirt or look for the guy who is gonna beat u all
no this is not official 'yet' as u cannot see it in the official tournament fourm
we dont know prizes yet and dont even know if will be getting points yet
okay anyways
Uhh I am not going for sure. There is a 50% chance im going due to the date. I would be going if it 27th, 28th, 29th or a weekend. So yeah I should only on the interested list.

EDIT: I might be going I might not.
Put me as interested.
im coming
Great, put me down as coming. You see, I'm leaving for Sydney Tuesday night and staying for another week, so this Thursday would be perfect for me. I've made the bookings already, so I'll have no problems there. Good Games would be more convenient for me, but I'm fine with anything.
Dang, I won't be able to come. So uhhhh, take me off the interested list.
Put my friend $Money$ on the interested list with me.
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