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Full Version: "Hang On"
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Does anyone have the ENGLISH version of the song, "Hang On" by Chris Szczesniak and Mike Duncan? It was played quite often in the anime but it's impossible to find.... and I've searched everywhere :\
That's exactly what I was looking for! Thanks <3
Your Welcome! Actually I found this on Google searchin 4 the song XDTongue_out. It roks!
Yeah the song's awesome XD I searched like every page on google for it but I guess I missed that one Wink
That isn't the original version. That was made by somebody using clips from episodes. So you will have the characters voices playing through out the song. I have already heard this version.

Hang On was never released.
Oh... srry Just realized it. OK Aqua Then I can't help you...srry...Unhappy.
I found one on YouTube that didn't have the lyrics...but I don't remember where I found it...I just searched Hang On Beyblade on YouTube and found sounded weird it got softer and louder even though I didn't hear anyones voice during it.
Again, this one was fan made. As stated, the original was never released as an individual track.
Ah, okay, that's what I thought, probably why it sounded funny...
Ya, Hang On is theonly song that was never released even though it was one of the best =/
Yeah, it should've been released, it was one of the best songs. Why wouldn't they release it, I'm sure that the artists of the song would benefit from the popularity.

And I'm kinda tired of hearing the fan-made ones, they're good but since they are just taking parts of the song from the episodes and putting it together, the quality just isn't there. That and hearing the characters voices and stuff while it's playing :\
Well I hope the song somehow leaks or something Wink
Whew havnt been on wbo for awhile, anyways it wont be leaked because its currently an officialy lost song, Someone messaged the artists of the song and they replied syaing they ahve no copy of it, the owners of the beyblade anime dont have it either, they deleted it, sorry to disapoint, if any break throughs like the artists finding a disk of it then ill tell yo ^^'
Why nobody talks about the german version ? It has a clear sound...
Hang On German version

If it can help someone...
(May. 05, 2012  12:57 AM)Akiflow Wrote: [ -> ]Why nobody talks about the german version ? It has a clear sound...
Hang On German version

If it can help someone...

Because everybody clearly wants the original version, not one in a language they cannot understand ?
Looks like this thread is too old for dragging it to the present. Anyways, Hang On is one of my favorite songs from the series. Smile
here's out latest cover of it. It sounds almost identical to the original.
(Jan. 27, 2009  2:38 PM)Anu Wrote: [ -> ]Does this help:

(Dec. 16, 2020  6:14 PM)Tykon Wrote: [ -> ]
(Jan. 27, 2009  2:38 PM)Anu Wrote: [ -> ]Does this help:


Stop necroposting