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Full Version: Regents Ristricted Roundup Sellers Thread [16/04/11]
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This thread is for all those selling any Beyblades/Accessories at the Regents Restricted Rumble tournament, please list the items you're selling and the condition they are in.

1. Don't be rude if someone declines an offer.

2. Do not make an offer or commitment to buy if you can't afford it or won't be attending the tournament.

3. PM the sellers your offers if you are interested in something they have to sell don't write your offers in the thread!
Can't sell my plastic beys anymore.
Significant portion of profit will be donated to the Japan Tsunami Victims/WBO!
Raffle Tickets for a chance to win Prizes at Regents Ristricted Roundup!:
£1 for one ticket or
£2 for three tickets

For every £15 spent at ControL_'s shop, we will grant you a free raffle ticket.

- No spamming.
- No enquiries here.
- Most items are stated for bidding - The given price may be starting price - PM.
- If an item given to you is a broken, a full refund will be given as usual.
- All items are genuine TAKARA NIP/B/MINT unless stated.
- Multiple items purchased will return a generous discounted price.

Why buy from ControL_?
- We ask for no deposit, a risk we are willing to take.
- Prices are negotiable, you may get a bargain on a low winning bid.
- All reserved items will be stored in the database.
- Best service guaranteed.

Beyblade Metal Fight/Fusion (whole beys) - ALL NIB/P/MINT:

Big Bang Pegasis F: D Starter - New in Box - PM
Fang Leone 130W2D - New in Box - PM
ATTACK STADIUM - Takara Tomy - SWEET Decals/Stickers!


MF-F Vulcan Horuseus 85R2F - USED (R2F prime) - £25 - Save £££ - Takara - TOP attack
MF-F Pegasis 85RF - MINT - Takara - PM
MF-H Libra CH120RF - EX-DOMINATION - MINT - Takara - PM
Burn Bull DF145WD - MINT - Takara - PM
~More to drop in

Accessories - ALL NIB/P/MINT:
Beylauncher R - Turqioise limited edition - PM
Beylauncher R - Dark Blue - PM - HOT
Beylauncher LR - Clear black ver. - PM
Beylauncher L - Clear white ver. - £7
Snipe Launcher w/ ripchord - NIP - £4
3 Segment Launcher Grip - Turquoise limited edition! - PM
3 Segment Launcher Grip x 2 (maybe) - Black - PM
3 Segment Launcher Grip - White - PM
3 Segment Launcher Grip - Grey - PM
Metal Face remod. Ver set - PM
Metal Face Heavy remod ver. (Metal core + Plate) w/ tool - £7
Metal Face Feather remod ver. (Plastic core + Plate) w/ tool - £4
Launcher Rubbers - Black, White, Red - Each sold seperately - PM

Parts - ALL MINT:

Pre-HWS wheels
Pegasis x 3 - BLUE SDS ver. - Takara - MINT (NO chips) - £8 ea
Libra - Green SDS ver. - Takara - MINT (NO chips) - HOT - PM
Leone - USED - PM
Pegasis reg. - USED - £6

Faces - PM for limited edition faces, tatooed faces, ect.
WBBA Clear red tatooed face!
Basalt Horogium face - Ect.

Clear Wheels
Perseus defence - RED ver. & BLACK reg. - MINT - Takara - £4 ea.
Lightning & Ldrago (both) x 4 - Good - Takara - £8 ea.
Horuseus - Takara - MINT
Aquario - Hasbro - Good cond.
Pegasis2 - Takara - Good cond.
Cancer - Orange clear SDS ver. - Takara - MINT
Kerbecs - Takara - MINT
Cancer orange rec. - Takara - MINT
Leone; rare purple rec. - Hasbro - GOOD cond.

85 x 2 - Takara - £6 - MINT
90 x 1 - Takara - £5 - MINT
100 x 4 - Takara/Hasbro - £3 - MINT/Good cond.
105 x 3 - Takara/Hasbro - £2 - MINT/Good cond.
CH120 x 1 - Hasbro - £4 - MINT
145 x 2 - Hasbro/Takara - £2 - MINT/Good cond.

~ More soon.

~ more dropping in soon.
IM selling these

Whole Beyblades:
Killer beafowl in great condition x1£13.50
Midnight Bull New mint
Condition X1 £10.00

String launcher X1£5.00

145 x2 £1
100 X1 £1
WB X1 £2
125 x1 £1
SD X1 £1
D X1 £1
LW105 - £3
LED Sight - £16 --Mint Light Works--
Beyblade V-Force Ultimate Blader Edition. GBA - £5 Maybe Lower.
Significant portion of shop sales will be donated to Save the Children/WBO

Raffle Tickets for a chance to win Prizes at Regent's Restricted Roundup!
£1 for one ticket or
£2 for three tickets.

NIB/NIP Beyblades:

NIB SonoKong Killer Beafowl UW145EWD + Light Launcher 2 £15 (Phantom_Blader would like this item)


NIP Bey Deck Case £3
NIP BeyLauncher LR Clear Vers. £10 (ThePokeBlader would like this item)
NIP Snipe Launcher + NIP Ripcord £2
Mint Beylauncher (Crimson) £8
2x Mint BeyPoint Card £4 each
Used Rev-Up Launcher £5


Used: Vulcan Horuseus 85RF £20

Metal Wheels / Wheels:

Mint Gravity Mold 1 (Gold) £12
Mint Meteo (Red and Black) £8 (Phantom_Blader would like this item)
Used Libra £7

Clear Wheels:

Hasbro Bull (Pearl Red) £3
Hasbro Aquario (Dark Blue) £3
Takara Cancer £2
Perseus Stamina (URS vers. Dark blue) £5
L Drago II Asault £5
L Drago II Rush £5
L Drago (Gold) £4

85 £4
90 £3
AD145 £3
DF105 £3
LW105 £3
S130 £6 (Phantom_Blader would like this item)
BD145 £6
CH120 £4
ED145 £3


Mint RS £6 (Phantom_Blader would like this item)
Mint WDs £4
Mint LRF £5
Near Mint XF £5

Metal Face - Heavy £5
Metal Face - £4
Metal Face - Feather £2
Other standard faces £2

Shop items subject to change - though I will try my best, reserving does not mean the item will available on the day.
Dark Bull [full beyblade] £7 no face bolt sticker (used)
Storm Aquario [full beyblade] £7 (used)
luncher and ripcord £5 (mint condition)
Legend Cyber Pegasus [full beyblade] £9 (used)
L-drago luncher and ripcord £6 (mint condition)
Dark gasher [full beyblade] £7
7 beytools £3.50 £0.50 for one (mint condition)
Seller Ultimate zero
Selling 85 - PM Offers.
im selling and traden
rock orso parts #3.69p
whole bey 9.00p
125 1.oo.p
storm 3.00p
dark libra ED145d 12.00p

if i dont show up call this number 07749400673 for more info if not email me my email is so thats it from me

im for trade as well so im going to trade ok thats it bye i might not come
x2 - Big bang pegasus NIB
x2 - Fang leone NIB

PM offers.
Selling these parts and beys:

Full beys:
Dark Wolf 145FS £10
Legend Night Virgo DF145BS £13
Rock Leone 145WB £10
Fusion wheels and Energy rings:
Galaxy Pegasus £5
Lightning L-Drago £5
Storm Pegausus £3
Dark Wolf £3
Burn Pheonex £5
Galaxy Pegasus Tattooed Face £1
Burn Phoenix face 50p
Dark Wolf face 50p
Lightning L-Drago Face 50p
Spin Tracks:
105 X3 £1 each (Multiple Colors)
DF145 £1
C145 £1
Original Launcher X6 £1 each (Multiple Colors)

All parts and equipment on this list has been used and there are no refunds to any items i sell. PM me if you want to reduce the price and ill see what i can do.

All things i sell you can pick up on the day. PM me if you want anything Smile

Flame Byxis Full Bey (MINT PLEASE) £12
assembly clamber £5
That is cheap for the assembley chamber but if you want it second hand used etc then that is reasonable and all your full beys can be bought at £8.50 each instore or online