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Full Version: auto change balancer's blade base combo? o.o
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i've been trying to come up with a combo that uses the japanese version of auto change balancer BB

so far i came up with:
AR: flash leopard 1( some smash with endurance, good for compacts)
WD: 10 wide
BB: you know what it is >.>

it stays in the stadium,(against a bistool with draciel MAX's BB 4 bearings)
the standard attack stadum(plastics) but loses endurance easy.

AR: rapid eagle ( smash for the attack part of ACB's BB)
WD: 10 wide ( features good outer weight with more movement, endurance,defence)
smashes opponent out sometimes, but my bro was using a crappy beyblade. seaborg 2 AR, magnacore WD, and draciel S BB(purely for the use of gattyaki which he cannot do)
same stadium.

AR: trygle (same reason as above.)
WD: 10 wide( look above)
BB: pretty obvious >.>''

works out the same, but only won 1 match out of like 5 against bistool, and Draciel MAX BB.
same stadium as above.

AR: dranzer GT
WD: 10 wide

the use of outer weight for endurance with upper attack. it would be kid dragoon's ar but my bro was usin it against me.
same stadium.

have all parts here Smile so any adjustments just post.
I already told you this was pretty bad. I think the combo tried before was something like:
Tiger Defenser
It was either compact or endurance depending on the WD. I can't remember which it was, though, and it still wasn't great.
lolz, still.. there maybe be some combos even you, the great beyblading genius bro of mine, might not know. i know that, but there still might be something that works good with it.

you did try it, it worked out average. i beybladed against you >.>

maybe my gekiryu-oh 2nd mold AR may work good with it? o.o
It would work similar to Tiger Defenser on it, I suppose. Also, I know I tried it.
Give master dranzer's AR, and wide survivor a try.

Incidentally, what's the official translation for that attack ring? I recall some translations as "Total survivor" and some as "turtle survivor", a reference to Metal Draciel?
It's Turtle Survivor Smile
i will give that a try.

i also have one more combo i made this morning. meh bro said since u said wolborg MS is a wobbler, wolborg 1 might have a good wobbling blade base, bearing.
it worked out pretty good against the beyblade posted above o.o( the one my bro used)

AR: rapid eagle
WD 10 heavy ( to center weight and to make it wobble more)
BB: wolborg 1

what we thought was a wobbler should have good smash. when it wobbles, it smashes the opponent out of the stadium about 75% of the time >.>
its also good with the kind of launch i use. gattyaki, and catapult shoot?( the launch where you pull both the launcher and the ripcord) it knocks my beyblade straight into roaming around the stadium wobbling >.>