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Full Version: [Selden, Long Island, NY] Brothers Grim Games Organized Play Thread
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Time: 11am
Date: Saturday, May 14th 2011
Location: Brother's Grim Games and Collectibles Selden, NY
Host: Deikailo

Okay, finally I'll have something closer to home. Smile This is for all of you Long Islanders who whine about finding transportation to Brooklyn (Sky Prince) to finally make your mark without Bluezee or Beystrategist to kill ya.

This is indoor and it's a much bigger venue than Kings Games so we can do Saturdays! This may change depending on what days work. If Sundays are a better choice, the date may change.

I could probably come to this, and bring a few of my friends from Long Island. Put me on the yes list.
Where are you from that you can move so freely between NYC, Long Island, and Jersey?
I'm from Ho-Ho-Kus (Small town about a half an hour away from NYC). Brooklyn is about an hour ad a half from here, the other two are about two hours. I have a good friend in Long Island which I'm going to carpool with to this tournament, the one in West Berlin my grandpa is going to take me to.
Okay, I just wanted to make sure you had a way there. Good to know.

What other friend?
He doesn't have an acount, but he wants to learn more about beyblading.
hey! LOL! i don't whine. i'm just having money and family issues. it's just annoying to figure out who to get rides from or if i have to do it myself (which i don't mind at all... its not a bother).
LOL! plus, i'm almost never online on the WBO these days. this is probably the first time in a week to get on? haha, so it's not like constant complaints.
haha, unless ur pulling my leg or teasing me, disregard everything i said. LOL!
the ironic thing is that the venue is farther from me compared to Kings Games. LOL!!!!!! not that i'm complaining... it's just such an ironic situation.
You're welcome to party at my place the night before and drive in with me. We can have an all night practice session provided I'm not working that night.
lol. sucks for me. i WISH i could do that but there are few things holding me back from doing that.
1) my dad would never let me sleep over... honestly, i've never slept over anyone's house before because of him...
2) haha, the other reason y my dad would not let me over is because well... ur a girl... i'm a guy... over night... who knows what would happen that night.... well, according to my dad that is (he said the same thing about me sleeping over at my girlfriend's house)
3) my girlfriend would think ur stealing me from her... which is understandable from her point of view.
4) my girlfriend's mom would not permit it either, she's be pissed cause she'd interpret it as "cheating on her daughter"
lol. again, i'd want to spend an all nighter beyblading... but i just can't.
I have a girlfriend who would have to be there so she doesn't think I'm cheating on her with you. lol Just bring your girl, too. We can have a slumber party and do our nails.
lol. either way, my dad would say no. it gives him more of a reason... 3 girls, one guy... my dad would think ... umm, haha nvm... let's just leave it at "my dad would think certain things". and my gf would love to go but her mom would think it's strange and tell her no... haha, so in other words, my parents are being the asians they are and my girlfriend's mom is being.... well, her mom... again, my gf and i would love to go... we just can't.
And you're sure you're over 18? Chocked_2
i wouldn't be in college if i weren't...
and my gf's mom says that enough.... T.T no need to rub it in.....
(Mar. 13, 2011  11:48 PM)Sky Prince Wrote: [ -> ]i wouldn't be in college if i weren't...
and my gf's mom says that enough.... T.T no need to rub it in.....
18 = independence. Assert yourself, bro.
wish i could. once i turned 18, i stayed out late and my dad was screaming and beating me yelling that "as long as i'm under his roof, i follow by his rules"
Weeeell, it's getting a little off topic, but I recommend getting a job and working on disproving that statement.

That's all I'll say so let's get back on topic.
k, anyways. yeah, i'll try and make it if i can get a ride. for now, put me as a yes. i'll comment again if i can't go.