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Full Version: Paintball
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so i used the search button multiple times and got the OK to make this thread by Kai-v so...

OK well just post what markers and other equipment you have, how many times you play a month, and why you like the game/why you play the game

me and my dad have a Tippmann 98 Custom, and a Piranha GTI. We got them because they are affordable, easy to mantian (the 98 Custom is almost indestructible), and they both got good range and accuracy

we went to play and we loved it, it is just so fun and, well fun!

we have played 3 times and hope to go another time soon
Is paintball painful? Cuz I saw a person back from paintballing he had a big bruise in his knee.
(Feb. 12, 2011  3:46 AM)eclipse162 Wrote: [ -> ]Is paintball painful? Cuz I saw a person back from paintballing he had a big bruise in his knee.

only if the paint ball doesnt break, if it does break its more of a sting then lots of pain

besides the pain it is really fun
K. I'll try to ignore the pain. T_T
Paint ball sounds fun, maybe I'll try it sometime. I'll probably like it because I have experience with guns. I have shot a 12 gauge shotgun(Double barrel and semi auto.), a 20 gauge shotgun(semi auto), many rifles and a bb-gun.
im going paintball for the first time this week end , im hoping its good. Any advice ?
Two years ago I ended up with paintball bruises while I had on three under shirts and an old jacket. I use to play paintball because it was my favorite hobby, but now it's not and I would now prefer to bite people to death.
(Mar. 09, 2011  9:17 PM)wolborgMS Wrote: [ -> ]im going paintball for the first time this week end , im hoping its good. Any advice ?

if they give you overalls, take them. don't be afraid to move from one spot to another. also the more you play with the funner, i found that 1 on 1 was harder, less fun, and it will make you feel nervous (as you have no one to back you up) compared to 2+ on 2+

also get like 1000-2000 paint balls (depending if you are bringing anyone and how long you want to play) because you will go through them fast (depending on how trigger happy you are)
Me and my dad have around 12 markers and we Play a lot I'm really good and I usually use a tippmann a-5 With response trigger and carbon stock and I just bought a ak47 barrel
I used to play a ton like 5-9 years ago. Used to do 24 hour scenario games. Wasnt literally 24 hours but you played in the middle of the night. It sounds cool but night paintballing in the woods suck. And people cheat cause you cant see if they got hit. Woodsball for teh win. Speedball is okay occasuonally.

I have a tippman a5. 200 dollar marker but i put in like 800 dollars worth of parts and upgrades. Right now it's out of commission cause the regulator is broke. Unhappy kinda silly instead of buying a marker that costs that much and needs minimal parts to be made better, but like beyblades, i love customizing. Ill try to get some pics
I used to play with my boyfriend but now I just like to watch him play and make music videos of his team. He plays for the Bay Area Gorillas here in NorCal. They won 1st Place in the last NPPL tournament in Las Vegas in either D3 or D4 (I think D4). He owns a DM9 and a Dragon by Bob Long. I was a little mad when he bought his DM9. It was a $1400 paintball gun Pinching_eyes_2 Paintball is a very expensive sport. Probably why I stopped playing heh.
Paintball is more fun when you have like sniper paintball guns.
I've paintballed like 9 tomes, my sttatagy is hide , sneak, and killlllllll
oh god i came back today and i am almost dead ! Basically we played for threee ours with tornament paint balls ( so it breaks every time ) . The guns hit at a speed of 275 and it kills. It was fun however. 10 people went 5 per team. Basically we played capture the flag so i went to their camp and got shot in the face i went inro retreat because it was all steamed up and 3 people all very clost started shoting me .