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Full Version: [Brisbane, Australia] Bey Fury! - 23/1/2011
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GreenXBlader said that he should have some footage up over the weekend. He was going to send me some footage as well that way we both could make a collage from the Tournament.

I'm wondering what's happening with the Bey Points as well? I'll give it 1 -2 more days otherwise I'll give Kai-V a PM to find out.
Hey Everyone!

Half of the footage is up on my channel and i have also sent some to Fyuuor. He will have his own versions ready soon but for now check out my videos Smile
I’ve uploaded some videos for the Tournament though since I was to busy judging the Tournament I didn’t have time to record any battles but thanks to GreeNxBlader we were able to get some footage, thank you.

Semi Final 1: neoknux_009 VS njrk97

Semi Final 2: Fyuuor VS njrk97

Grand Final: Fyuuor VS neoknux_009

Awards Ceremony
yawn, the finals made me fall to sleep, why a stamina battle?
Safe option. I chose a 230 stamina combo as it guaranteed me victory as my opponent was using a LSTC. Why take the chance of losing by using an Attack Type if I know I can win by playing it safe with a Stamina Type?
good point but if you both used attack types it would have been more exiting, or well you won and thats what maters. i still fell asleep.
Ha, Attack Types would definitely be more interesting to watch. I can tell you at the time this was recorded I definitely wasn't thinking of how the battle looked, all that was going through my mind was how I can win the Tournament the easiest way possible, lol
I just want to let everyone know that I have not forgotten about this tournament, but we are still waiting to concretised some things before the results get processed.
is there any chance of having another bey fury this year
will there ever be a tourny in gold coast
Sorry to ask Fyuuor, but could you host one more in Roma Street? I couldn't make it, I was busy. I would also bring 2 friends, and could we maybe have more Takara Tomy beyblades for prizes? Like more people would come if there was a Big Bang Pegasis up for grabs and a stadium. Thanks
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