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Full Version: Holidays ~ Japan
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Is it okay to make this thread. Please point me in the right direction if you have a problem with it =P

Confirmed, Im going to the aformentioned for about 2 weeks at the very least...

Osaka Nihunbashi

Before this gets closed im going to go on another shopping spree there, so PM me with anything you want ill see what i can do =P

If anybody is interested, I will be buying:

16 GB RAM in RAID 0

Beyblades (Obviously Pinching_eyes_2)

Dragon Ball and Naruto Manga Uncertain

Ramen Noodles Tired

PSP Video Games ^^

Train Ticket :X

Thats all I can think of... for now ;]
I've been to Osaka, Tokyo, Hiroshima, and nara

The first three are fantastic places to visit. I didn't get a chance to go to Nagasaki.
Visit Fuji village, if you can find it, hahah. It's a very small Onsen village at the foot of Mt. Fuji. I was there a few years back, and it was very relaxing. I totally recommend going there.
Dude enjoy your time in Japan, I havn't been there yet and probably won't be able to go until I go through high school and college and then get a job. So make the visit count. Also buy a random toy there and make a youtube video about it!
(Dec. 18, 2010  3:55 PM)Khel Wrote: [ -> ]I've been to Osaka, Tokyo, Hiroshima, and nara

The first three are fantastic places to visit. I didn't get a chance to go to Nagasaki.

What was so bad about Nara?
Nara's just full of deer that you can pet. Perhaps that wasn't Khel's main area of interest, hahah. littlechipz, you should visit my Japanese home-Prefecture, Toyama. Since it's located on the West coast, we have some of the freshest fish there.
Hmm, I really don't like fish, haha but my father would like to go there IMO =P
Well, the point I'm trying to make is make your visit there worthwhile. While taking in the modernness and the Beyblades, you should set some time aside for visiting some obscure places in Japan. Kyouto and Nara are nice, but when you visit different Prefectures, you get a sense of how the people behave, what the styles of food are like, from place to place.

Take it from me, a near-native Japanese person: take some, but not a lot of time to visit smaller parts of Japan.
My friend is going there.

I have to remind myself to pay him so he can buy me stuff xD
^ That sorta has no correlation with the topic at hand.

Chipz, how long are you going to be there for anyway?
I've been to Tokyo last November.

My only souvenir was.....BEYBLADES!

I might go to Osaka on February
Nice~ Osaka is super famous for its food~ It's cheaper and tastier than Tokyo's (and it's not just the fish I'm talking about). =D
I will be there for a few weeks, may I ask why?

How far is Toyoma from Osaka, Momo? I love seafood, but not so much fish, do they have Crab/Lobstor/Oyster etc?
Well, I was thinking of some places you can visit, but I needed a time frame to suggest you some places, so I can see if I can fit everything in, hahah.

Anyway, here's a map of Japan that shows where Toyama is. You can figure out where Osaka is on there, and decide whether it's too far or not. Toyama is famous for its medicine, as well as its "hotaru-ika", which are small squids that light up. They're delicious by the way.

Edit: Toyama is far away from the larger cities, so communication there may be more difficult.