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Full Version: BB-70 Galaxy Pegasis W105R²F
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Face: Pegasis II
The face on this Beyblade depicts a Pegasus, one of the 88 constellations in space. Instead of a different design for that of the normal Pegasis Face, it has different colors.

Clear Wheel: Pegasis II
The Clear Wheel is transparent light - blue in color with some red bits on it. It has 2 "Wings" that resembles a Pegasus's wing.

Metal Wheel: Galaxy
Galaxy comes out painted blue. It has 3 protrusions which were used for Force Smash and Smash Attack. Despite being the lighest Metal Wheel ever, the best part of Galaxy is the effective Force Smash, but since it is somewhat light, it decreases stamina due to the light weight.

Track: Wing 105
This track is made to make right spin beys spin faster to the right. It has 2 "Wings" that resembles a Pegasus's wings.

Bottom: Right Rubber Flat
The bottom is shaped like a star and like W105, its made to make right spin beys spin faster to the right. R²F has a similar speed to that of RF, but R²F is quite faster. The only problem with R²F is the poor stamina.

Galaxy Pegasis is a pretty useful bey. The only problem with this bey is the poor stamina, but the powerfull attacks make up for it. The most important part is Galaxy: It gives an incredible attack power.
Every Blader Should Own Atleast One Of This Beyblade
Mm this is very inaccurate
I do not know if you noticed, but nobody found any use for Galaxy ... It seems it is just bad.
Metal Wheel is not Pegasis II.
Poor draft; leave it to someone else.
Not enough information. Im giving you Iceburn now.
you bumped this because...
This is superbly inaccurate. Also, if anything, every blade should own multiples of this beyblade due to its rubber tip. Leave it to somebody else, I'm sure they could do a much better job.
Just because it has 1 good part doesnt mean they have to own multiples, but the rest in inaccurate.
Storm pegasis. Read beywiki. Only one good part.
Dark cancer. Read beywiki. Only one good part.
The most important part is galaxy?!?!?! What? and r2f not rrf (it might be the same but no one calls it rrf) wasnt even mentioned in the overall?!?!?!?!?!
Lets just let this thread die on it's own...

Wow I just bumped it now.

Anyway, did you not know that R2F is easily THE best attack bottom? Plus Galaxy is useless. Plus attack beys are not supposed have good stamina. Plus I should stop saying plus.
Can't you say its shaped like a Shuriken instead of a star Libruhhh