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Full Version: Samurai Changer MS
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We were still using the OtC article from 2003, I decided it was time for an update. It's quite long, but if anyone has any ideas for things to add or change I'd love to hear it.
Looks awesome the way it is, Its great having long reads on Beyblades imo, Good job Brad Wink
3:40:25 AM Anubis: Samurai Changer has lots of complex usages o-o I never did try the free crusher trick
3:40:49 AM Bey Brad: sadly, the best part of samurai changer is still "samurai upper lifts things, sends them far away"
I can't believe it's been at least 4 years since I got this. I love its insane attack with Grip Flat Ultimate.
Great article Brad.

I still need to get a couple of these Unhappy
The article looks really good I'm glad that you updated it =D

Can't wait to see the other updates in the future
Samurai Upper and Jiraiya Blade both weigh 22 grams.
(Aug. 31, 2008  6:33 AM)Cye Kinomiya Wrote: [ -> ]Samurai Upper and Jiraiya Blade both weigh 22 grams.

I am aware. However, from what I've heard Jiraiya Blade is on the higher scale.
I'd weigh it right now, but I can't fine my SCMS and I'm panicking right now.
I shall do it tomorrow when I'm less tired.
Last time I said this someone weighed it and they said the difference was like .2 grams.