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So school is just right around the corner (I start on the 25th of August), what are your schedules?

First Semester

1st: ROTC II
2nd: Creative Writing I
3rd: English II Honors
4th: German I

Second Semester

1st: ROTC II
2nd: Biology Honors
3rd: Honors Civ+Econ)
4th: Algebra II Honors


I wish my school taught Italian, but both German and Italian are a language I want to learn (Tagalog as well, but I can learn that at home because my family speaks it all the time).

ROTC is a fun class. While it might not teach you how to shoot a gun, it's really fun (to me anyway) and I've met people I would have never met otherwise (some for better some for worse).

I'll probably take some car course (in our school we have a garage with cars usually in it with lots of tools etc) next year if I can.
School starts for me on the 2nd in Canadaland. There will probably be a lot of art oriented classes.
(Aug. 18, 2008  4:25 AM)Artie Wrote: [ -> ]what kind of school do you go to, what the carp? ROTC? 4 classes? a+++ on the german though


1. German 3-Kreilein

2. Accelerated Geometry/Algebra 2- Harder

3. American Lit and Composition-Kearney

4. Lunch

5. Accelerated Chemistry-Lemminger

6. Moral Decision Making-Manahan/Free period (Semester 2)

7. Free (Semester 1)/ Sacraments- Blaze

8. AP US History- Schneider

some public school, nothing really that special

i think we're on block schedule, hence why 4 classes a semester. however the classes go at a faster pace because you switch classes the semester after, and the classes are longer (this is bad for me as i do not have a good attention span)

rotc is an abbreviation for "reserve officer training corps". at first i thought it taught you military tactics and how to use them etc, but it's more of a character trait class (makes you a responsible citizen etc). however, you do have to do physical training and do marches/parades, drills, facing movements etc.

at least you know when your lunch time is though, because we don't really know until the first day of school.

i am definitely getting a map too, because this is my first year with all classes at the main campus. the first day my friends and i got lost because we didn't know where to go. we have a 9th grade campus and a campus for 10th graders and up.
i knew what ROTC is, but why the carp is it a public school class

also why do you only have a semester of german?
I'm going to my local community college. I start on the 28th of this month. I have to admit, I'm taking some pretty carp sweet classes this semester and I'm pretty pumped.

Mondays and Wednesdays - 12:30 PM - 1:55 PM Intro to Short Story and Novel; 2:00 PM - 3:30 PM Principles of Macroeconomics

Tuesday - 7:00 PM - 9:55 PM Exploring Creativity (I've heard this is an AWESOME class. It sounds amazing, can't wait.)

Thursday - 5:30 PM - 8:30 PM Intro to Creative Writing

Yeah, pretty sweet classes and at excellent times. AKA no early morning carp.
(Aug. 18, 2008  4:34 AM)Artie Wrote: [ -> ]i knew what ROTC is, but why the carp is it a public school class

also why do you only have a semester of german?

o lol

uh i don't really know

but we have other rotc classes in my state (there's air force rotc as well, but i'm in army rotc [i don't really care lmao]).

the classes are accelerated, so what you would normally learn in one whole year is crammed into only a semester. it's really crazy when it's time for finals or when it's the end of second semester (applies to me especially as i got back into traditional schedule during 9th grade, so i fizzle out). i hate it this way, but at least i get more variety in the year as compared to having 8 classes for the whole school year.
Major Writers To 1800 - ENGL 2000 - 001
Class 12:00 pm - 12:50 pm MWF Arts and Administration Bldg 3017

Into Film Form & Film Theory - ENGL 2851 - 001
Class 10:30 am - 11:45 am TR Science Bldg 4068

Introduction to Politics(lol first year course I can get credit for) - POSC 1000 - 004
Class 3:00 pm - 3:50 pm MWF Chemistry - Physics Bldg 2010

Introduction to Sociology - SOCI 1000 - 006
Class 2:00 pm - 2:50 pm MWF Arts and Administration Bldg 1046

Elementary Spanish II - SPAN 1001 - 001
Class 1:00 pm - 1:50 pm MTWR Science Bldg 4078
I'm taking my 6th semester of classes at my local community college, starting on the 25th:

Logic I - Virtual (in other words, I take it from home, on the computer)
Small Business Management - Virtual
Desktop Database Software - Virtual
Client Side Scripting - Tuesday nights, 6:30 pm - 9:15 pm
started today

8.30 - 10-00: Law
10.10 - 11.45: Norwegian
[every other week school ends here, the other week i have a break untill 2:00]
2.00 - 3.35: Religion (ugh)

8.30 - 10.00: Communication and somethingidontknowtheenglishnamefor
10.10 - 11.45: Economics/Law (depending on what week it is, switching every other week)
[break untill 12.15]
12.15 - 1.50: History

8.30 - 10.00: Economics
[break untill 12.15]
12.15 - 1.50: Religion
2.00 - 3.35: Law

9.15-10.00: History
10.00 - 11.45: PE
[break untill 12.50]
12.50 - 4.00: Norwegian (holy carp, this is gonna kill me)

8.30 - 10.45: Communication and somethingidontknowtheenglishnamefor
10.55 - 11.45: History
[break untill 12.15]
12.15 - 13.50: Economics

in norway you get to pick 3 of your subjects, the others are obligatory, the ones i picked were Law, Ecomonmics and the communication thing
oh and also i get 10 min breaks between each class, and also a 10 min break in the middle of each class

all in all i'm pretty happy with it, with the exception of thursday (whcih would have been awesome if it wasn't for the 3 hours of norwegian
also kinda dissapointed that i don't start at 10.10 at all, since last year, i was starting @ 10.10 four days a week lol
(Aug. 18, 2008  4:25 AM)Artie Wrote: [ -> ]6. Moral Decision Making-Manahan

LOL - if anyone ever needed this course, it would be Artie

(or possibly me?)
I start tomorrow.

Speech and Communications-This is gonna be my favourite class.


Algebra 2-don't you love how the thing you hate the most is what your best at XD

American History-because I have to have it...

Italian I-Sweet.

Anatomy-if Im not mistaken.
My schedule's kind of carp right now. For the past two months, I was a bit more free, since I finished up almost all my classes a few years earlier and I was pretty much waiting for my high school year to end.

Currently, I'm currently taking second year courses at my local university; the term just started about two weeks ago, so it's suddenly become a lot more hectic, because I'm having to travel to and fro from the uni and my highschool during the day. Also, I'm giving classes as well, so it's quite messy. Not as bad as it used to be two years ago though, those days of 8am to 9pm daily were pretty carp.
I start next week (huzzah for Sophomores/10th Graders).

1. Drivers Ed (Y'know, where most people learn to drive)

2. French 3 (aka Year 4 of French; before anyone says it, I don't care how un-useful French is in the US. I still like it)

3. Chemistry (...)

4. Madrigal SLC/Lunch (Highest-level chorus, takes place of a "Small Learning Community", which replaced Study Hall this year)

5. A Cappella Choir (Yes, I'm in two choirs, whatever)

6. World History (Since I didn't take it Freshman Year)

7. Geometry (...)

8. Archetypes - H (English class, mixed Speeches and...something else. H stands for Honors)
I'm pissed off that I have to take Health instead of AP Stats 0 Hour

0 - Health (2nd Semester)
1 - AP US History
2 - Spanish 2
3 - Academy English
4 - Academy Chemistry
5 - Concert Band
6 - Trigonometry/Analytical Geometry (1 Semester each)
Let's see...
1st semester
1. Honors Chemistry
2. (Monday and Wednesday) Honors Chemistry double period/ (Tuesday, Thursday, Friday) Lab Study Hall
3. AP American History
4/5. Lunch
6/7. Algebra II Honors
8/9. Study Hall
10. Phys Ed. 10
11. Spanish II
12. Sophmore Composition and Literature Honors

2nd semester
1. same
2. same
3. same
4/5. Study Hall
6/7. Same
8/9. Lunch
10. Health 10
11. same
12. same

I start thursday...
Forgot the times, but this semester I have:

MATH 1151 030 & 033 PRECALCULUS II
sofar first semester, 2nd isn't up. Start on sept 2nd, and never have classes on friday Smile)

COMM 000 M3 English Test/Course Required [dunno much about it??????]

DGAS 100 04 2 Dimensional Design (Instructor: Malcolm Cullen)

DGAS 101 04 3-dimensional Design (Instructor: Gary McFadyen)

DGAS 103 04 Structural Drawing (Instructor: Michael Baldwin)

DGAS 104 04 Colour

DGAS 107 04 Design drawing

wow you all are lucky =/ I was in the middle of transfering schools and school started so Im still not in on3 ;___; I was supposed to start yesterday!
Got my Schedule Today:

Semester 1:

08:43-9:59 English
10:08-11:24 Canadian History
11:24-12:14 Lunch
12:14-1:30 Civics/Career Studies
1:34-2:50 Science

Semester 2:

8:43-9:59 Video Production
10:08-11:24 Visual Arts
11:24-12:14 Lunch
12:14-1:30 Math
1:34-2:50 Digital Studio
Wow Takao, your classes start and end at some whack-carp times.
Yeah, I really wonder how hard it would be for my school to start classes at 9 AM. This is the reason I have to have my phone on me to check the time, since I don't care for watches.

But I'm happy, I got all the courses I wanted.
Over summertime I completely forgot the schedule of periods and when we leave.

This semester, most of my classes are on the same hall, and German isn't too far away from this hall. Also, German is right beside the front of the school so I can get there much quicker.
My schedule:

MW - 11am-12:15pm - Spanish II
- 12:30pm - 1pm - Intro to Computer Science

TR - 9:30am - 10:45pm - Intro to Comparative Politics
- 11:00am - 11:50am - Spanish 2
- 12:30pm - 1:45pm - Basic Calculus

Spanish II, Calc and Computer Science aren't hard really, Comparative Politics is my only worry. I also have to take the metro to school at 6am, since it's the only time I can get to the station. It sucks...
Semester 1:
Media Arts
Functions and Applications
Communication Technology

Semester 2:
Visual Arts
Computer and Information Science
Computer Engineering Technology

I wanted to get into Yearbook SO BADLY. But 44 people applied, and I was not one of the ones who was randomly chosen. It was a two credit course as well (one period each semester). ;_; Also, I had to stick Visual Arts in there because of that, and I haven't taken Visual Arts Grade 9 or 10; so I wonder if I will be able to pass. o__o;
one of the few freshman to get a new elective called OCEANOGRAPHY Joyful_3
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