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Full Version: [BUYING]Beyblades
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hey guys,i just got into beyblades about 3-4weeks ago.i heard so many things about the original beyblades and im looking to buy some.i dont care whut they are just any one in good condition you dont want.but i did notice one i kinda like that im looking for i think its name is if your willing to sell any older beys just let me know thanks
might want to but [BUYING] in the title so people know you want to buy, not sell or trade.
You should check this out this person is authorized on the WBO and he has quite a few plastics remaining for reasonable prices
(Aug. 12, 2010  5:13 AM)MAXamillion Wrote: [ -> ]might want to but [BUYING] in the title so people know you want to buy, not sell or trade.

He already has the prefix....
i dont have nothing against dimsum but i ratger just buy from here cause i wouldnt know which one os worth getting if i go there
There's tons of wing attackers intermitantly on eBay.
I can sell you some plastic parts.
what are the parts
I have some SG Sharps, flats, SG's, 6 and 8 sided weight discs, spare 10 wides/heavies, a few random AR's 2 SG metal flats. Just some random spare parts.
I can take a picture later if you'd like.
a picture would be nice but whuts the deal with weight disk are the like out-dated fusion wheels
Not even close.
well whut are they i have no clue
When a beyblade is all plastic it needs something to add weight, hence, a metal weight disc.

Otherwise it'd be like a light wheel.
oh ok cool thanks when do u think you could post thsat pic
Not tonight, no camera.
Tomorrow though.
ok but instead of posting it vould you PM it to me or just post it which ever ones easier
i got beys for you
(Aug. 13, 2010  3:52 PM)cyberdragoon1 Wrote: [ -> ]i got beys for you

whut are they?
(Aug. 13, 2010  9:07 PM)Bahamut Fury Wrote: [ -> ]whut are they?
I would advise you against buying from cyberdragoon1. He has not responded to anybody when they asked for pictures of his Beyblades.
oh ok thanks kai-v