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Full Version: [POSTPONED] [Thunder Bay, Ontario] Thunder Bey 2010 - The Gameshelf
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Calling out to all the bladers in Northwestern Ontario (Thunder Bay, Sudbudy, Kenora). We're looking for more players in the area who would be interesting in not only just playing but also tournament play. I know there's me and Meruda and 2 people who posted themselves on the map but never posted here on the WBO. I'm trying to get a couple of people who I play with to sign up beforehand but I was wondering if any of you were out there as it is right now?

We're also looking for people who would be interested in participating in our Thunder Bey - 2010 - Fall tournament we've got planned for the beggining of September (The 5th to be specific). If you would want to play in the tournament just post saying you wanna come!

Information copy-pasta'd from the event proposal...

Name: Thunder Bey ~ 2010 ~ Fall Tournament

Date: Sunday, September 5th 2010

Time: I would like for people to show up around 12:00pm so we can start actually playing at 1:00pm.

Venue: The Gameshelf - A local tabletop game and hobby store that sells beyblades. The store is located on 920 Memorial Avenue in Thunder Bay, Ontario.

Format: Standard Format. (Metal Fight Beyblade)

Expected Turnout: LIST OF ATTENDEES:

Ruby Serpent


I'll be there at the tournament Wink
Oh ha! I just got the name of the tourney.

Thunder Bey... that's clever.
I'll be there for the tournament.
I'll go it sounds like a cool story bro
I am interested in this tournament and I plan on attending it

That's 5 people including myself that are on the WBO saying they want to play.

I know there a couple of stragglers that I need to get to sign up but I can't seem to get a hold of them.
I'll join!
Hey everybody, this is now an official event! Grin

Huge thanks to MaxL for stepping up in an effort to expand upon Ontario's already huge competitive Beyblade scene. I wonder if any of the other regions around the world can match the pure volume of tournaments we have going on here in Ontario!
Go Canada!

EDIT: Also, I love the title for this. Tongue_out
I'm defiantly pumped to be running this event!

We are going to have a ton of fun guys!
BTW if you have a stadium (even a crappy one) please bring it! We need some for free battles!
Are Hasbro Beys allowed? Cuz I got no Takara-Tomy Beys. I buy Hasbro's because I like collecting those mini cards Tongue_out_wink
Well, it shouldn't be a suprise that I wouldn't be able to make. With that said, I hope for the best MaxL!

(Aug. 08, 2010  2:12 AM)TylerPT Wrote: [ -> ]Are Hasbro Beys allowed? Cuz I got no Takara-Tomy Beys. I buy Hasbro's because I like collecting those mini cards Tongue_out_wink

As long as they're the Beyblade Metal Fusion ones that aren't the electronic, or keychain ones, you're good to go.
MaxL, I totally just realized we don't have a meet-up time :o So... what time is this shin-dig going down?

: Out of the attendees I know of right now, I will be the only one at Thunder Bey using TAKARA, everyone else has Hasbro bought beys. The majority of my beys are Hasbro anyway. You'll fit right in Wink
I'm pretty sure MaxL has Takara Beyblades too, Meruda.
Oh right, I forgot he purchased those two TAKARA Beys from another user (whose name I also forget. Early morning T__T). My bad!
I'll try to attend this, but no promises.
Train I've put you down for a possible attendee... Didn't know you were from the area!

TylerPT do you want me to put you down for coming? Hasbro blades are most definately allowed as long as they are not the electronic tops and they are Beyblade Metal Fusion stuff.

I will decide on a meetup date once I get back from my vacation... It will probably be on a weekday afternoon. If you are familiar with tournament play for WBO rules then you won't need to show up. It's basically for the new WBO members I've brought over so they understand the low-down of the tournament.
i was gonna go untill i found out it was about 18 hours away from mississauga
OH! The time of the event! I want people to show up for 12pm. I want to start playing at 1pm. I'm on my PSP right now so I can't edit this into the event but I will once I get on a computer.
Hey MaxL if you want I'll bring my Stadium for free battles.
Sounds good. I can use any stadium for free battles, just so pepole have something to do while they are waiting for their matches. There are also drinks and snacks inside The Gameshelf so anyone coming by might want to bring some extra cash to buy a small bag of chips and a pop for the day!
(Jul. 31, 2010  4:41 PM)Daegor42 Wrote: [ -> ]Oh ha! I just got the name of the tourney.

Thunder Bey... that's clever.

Hey daegor i liked the tourney it ws exciting, i might have my own tourney & im only 13, ill have a couple of friends over, with the same age lol idk when to have it.
I will try to attend maby???
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