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Full Version: [Toronto, Ontario] Saturday, August 14th, 2010 Beys of Glory!
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If it rains we are going into the shelter.
(The brown roofed... hut? I can't think of any conventional means of describing it.)
Ya thats a Gazebo Tongue_out
Oh he meant Gazebo. (It doesn't really like like a gazebo to me.)
Put me on the Possible Attendees List! Tongue_out
...the wether net says there will be thunder showers on the 14th Crying
I'm Coming
(Aug. 08, 2010  2:48 AM)bskulldragon100 Wrote: [ -> ]...the wether net says there will be thunder showers on the 14th Crying

Well I could change the day...
but also sunday its raining...
what are the possible prizes
dont change the day it will be fun under the hut plz dont change
i cancled an event to come
Guys stop asking what the prizes are.. This shouldn't be why you're playing. We play beyblade for fun not for prizes, the prizes are just an extra added bonus.
Okay I'll keep the day, but we're definately going to lose some people cause of the rain.
The hut it is! LOL
ty so so so much i'v never been in a teriment pyro want to meet in real and we can vs ech other for fun Smile
in free battles
and ty for not changeing it Smile see you at the battle well pyro ill waer a sigh con you find me
XD just plz i wnat to meet you in real Smile
Sorry Pyro, do you mind taking me off the list, I'm going to be going to the U.S next week so I can't make itPinching_eyes_2.
hey guys are costum blades allowed just wondering
Yeah, as long as the parts are legal and they follow the rules of the WBO then its good.
put me up for possible attendees
Marco your're mocking us with that stardust pegasis as an avatar. Tongue_out
Hope there isn't as much people compared to Bey Fray (I hated that double elimination. Pinching_eyes_2)
LOL Not my intention Tongue_out But it's so awesome I had to put it as my avatar. xD
Well there's gonna be all those kids that now know there's going to be one at High Park.
So it's prolly gonna be the same or more Unhappy
I cringed at the word "more". Unhappy
Hopefully the rain is going to shorten the amount of players, not too much, just enough to do block round robin.(No offence for those of you who actually can't because of it!)
hey pyro I can ref when i'm not battling if you want
I'm guessing Daegor,Kei,Pyro
and possible T.O and Kool-kid would be enough, no?
Cant wait cant wait cant wait!!!!!
Dude... Me and Pyro are bros.. Of course I'll be reffing too. Tongue_out
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