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Full Version: Shin LA M4D 2-18-24 (Summit stadium experimental event)
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This is a WBO Metal Fight 4D event using the 3on3 rule set for the first stage and WBO deck match type in the finals. The stadium used will be the Summit Stadium.  Please refer to the rulebook link below to review the game play rules for the event:

Please be advised that this tournament will make use of the following Ranked Clauses in addition to, or in place of, rules listed in the Format Rulebook:

Banlist Variation: Rubber Defense Flat Ban
  • The following Bottom may not be used in this tournament: RDF

Banlist Variation: Elevator 230 Ban
  • The following Track may not be used in this tournament: E230

Decorated Parts Prohibition
Bladers may not use parts that have been decorated in the following ways for this Tournament:
  • Parts that have been painted/clear-coated unofficially.
  • Parts that have been decorated with unofficial/homemade stickers.

Challonge Links:

1st stage and finals


WBO Tournament info:

If you have a question about the tournament, please post it in this tournament thread.  Generally, that is the quickest way to get an answer.  Also, please read through the tournament thread as your question may have already been answered.  Private messages are inefficient as many members ask the same questions.  

* Please be aware of the new community rules. Registering for the tournament and not showing up is a Tournament Violation.

Event Schedule
1:30PM-1:50 PM Registration
1:50PM-2:00PM Bracket Set-up
2:00PM Announcements and Tournament Starts.

*Tournaments can last up to 5 hours
**Please meet for registration at the red dot shown on the map above.
***Once the registration concludes, players cannot be added.***Once the registration concludes, players cannot be added.
This event has been approved.
Looks like it’s going to rain. Or at the very least the grounds will be to wet. I’m moving the event to 2-18-24, sorry for the inconvenience.
There is a chance of rain again…. On 2-18-24…..
I will keep an eye on it, but I may have to move this again….
Prizes updated

Winning combos posted
This matches for event have now been processed.