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Full Version: Winning Combinations at WBO Organized Events - Metal Fight Standard (MFS)
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This thread is for Metal Fight Standard combinations used by the top three winners at WBO Organized Play events only.

To post combos on this thread, you must either be
  • The organizer(s) for the event
  • Own at least a Gold, Silver or Bronze Bit
Posting winning combos in this thread while not meeting any of the criteria above may result in warnings.

Discussion of winning combos is allowed by everyone else.

In your post, please state the
  1. Tournament name
  2. Either tournament information (e.g. rank status, match type, format etc.) OR tournament link
  3. Winning combos for top 3 winners
  4. Photos & videos, optionally. Make your post lively with media and font changes!
  5. Other relevant information
e.g. of post: (Click to View)
New Year, Same Synchromes
Orlando, Florida

Trsal 1st
Flash Gemios T125 R2F
Genbull Genbull E230 MB
KillerKen Dragooon 100 EWD

Euro 2nd
Begirados Begirados 85 RF
Reviser Reviser BGrin
Killerken Dragooon 100 WD

NaBlade 3rd
Begirados Begirados CH120 LRF
Duo Aquario D125 EWD
Killerken Dragooon 100 W2D
Ark's Arena #1: A Spark In The Dark
Sunnyvale, California

BladerGem 1st Place
MSF Killerken Killerken 100 WD
MF Scythe Aquario 90 RS
Phantom Orion 85 MF

Goofyguy12808 2nd Place

Flash Befall B:D
Killerken Dragoon 100 WD

Begirados Begirados 105 RF

Mago 3rd Place

MF Diablo Susano BD145 RSF
Phantom Pegasus 90 MF
Behemoth Dragoon 105 RF