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Full Version: [split] I stopped playing for a while...
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But I play a little here and there. I was wondering if someone could fill me in on the difference between Gear System A and Gear System B?

All I remember is the G-Series with Driger G, Dranzer G, etc.

Also, I had a equestion about the different types of engines. I remember tehre being a few different types of engines like release immediately after launch, release near the end, release when touched, etc. First off, are there any new types since those?

Also, I have some engine models, specifically Strata Dragoon G, where I wind up the engine and it doesn't hold in place but immediately unwinds after I let go. Is that normal for those? I notice that it happens with all of the beyblades that release the engine when they almost stop spinning. If this isn't normal, is there something that has to be done to fix it?
I've never heard of Gear System A and Gear System B. You must have the name wrong. If you explain what it is, we can tell you about it.

The time the EG releases depends on the BB, not the EG itself. They all have different clutches. If your EG Beyblades are unwinding as soon as you let go, make sure the clutches on the base are pulled out correctly.
There's three types of clutches.

Dragoon G, Driger G, etc. have "First Clutch". You wind it up, and when it spins faster than a certain rate (which generally happens at the start of the battle), it'll release.

Dranzer G, Gaia Dragoon G, etc. release at the end of the battle/ when hit. You must pull out both tabs on the bottom of the base. In the battle, it'll slide back in to release the engine.

Wolborg IV, Rock Bison, etc. have normal clutch that releases continuously. It is normal for these two to release as soon as you wind it up.
I think your thinking of G-series (A) and GT (B).

difference in these series is that the GT's had cew(customize engine weight?), the tip was interchangeable between other gt engines. example take dragoon gt's blue grip attack tip and switch to dranzer GT's engine.
Also in GT, dranzers engine spun left for a one shot counter attack.
zeus had no engine, instead it was a double bearing supported shaft with really low friction tip.

G series engine gears came in left and right spins, simply and the ew was not changeable, either being flat, semiflat, ball (did I forget) and then theres wolborg and rock bison plastic ew.