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Full Version: [Edmonton, AB] September Showdown
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The Tournament will be held at the Time Vault in Edmonton. Check them out at[Image: logoredhue_296x.png?v=1659050603]

Registration and admin fees will be accepted between 04:00 PM and 05:00pm with the event starting at 05:15pm 

Anyone not registered by 05:00pm will not be allowed to participate. The 15 minute delay is to allow for setting up the tournament bracket. 

Here is the Event Staff for the day
Organizer/Main Judge: Sarin'Tal

Secondary Judges: Noisy Blader, BlitzGod437

Player participation cap: 20 players.
Venue Admin fee: $10 this fee is to cover use of floor space that is prepared for the event.
This event has been approved.
kick lanaroads895 out of the tournament, they're a bot most likely as their account was made today and they've also joined a tournament in the US.
Here are the Results of the tournament,

PLEASE NOTE: new UI for Challonge, I did not see the hold match for third place check box, as such there is currently a tie for third. Please let me know if there is a work around for this. Unsure who to enter for 3ed place win.
This matches for event have now been processed.