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Full Version: Summit Stadium: BB-10 Replacement/Alternative for Competitive Play.
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Hello everyone. 

Metal Fight Beyblade is over a decade old at this point. As time goes on we have seen prices for Beyblades, parts, and especially stadiums, rise. There are no Beyblades, parts, or stadiums being made for the series that we love anymore. This is a reality.

In order to play Metal Fight or any of its formats at a competitive level, you invariably need a high quality stadium. BB-10 is the absolute pinnacle for MFB, as we all know. It is also becoming increasingly rare and expensive. 

None of the other legal, illegal, or custom stadiums provide people with a BB-10-like experience, or manage come close. This is also a reality. 

I wanted to change that, so I undertook this "Summit" project.

Below you will find photos and video links to the Summit Stadium. I've played with the BB-10 for a long time and have owned many copies, so my experience and understanding of it is deeper than most. This stadium I've made is meant to give you the experience you would expect from a BB-10 without the BB-10's rarity.

The Summit, like anything, will never technically be an EXACT 1:1 experience.. That is physically impossible, even between two of the same "exact" stadium.. But it has certainly met my fairly high standards, so I suspect it will meet yours too!

I've chosen to make Summit not just close, but on a technical level, better than the BB-10 was. This is in part why there is a marking on the side of the stadium, as to never be confused with AliExpress or original BB-10 stadiums that are also found online in clear material.

How did the Summit improve upon a fan favourite? Simply put.. the BB-10's creation process and design featured a few inconsistencies that were never ironed out. The original BB-10 had inconsistent wall molding, shaping, and sizing. The original BB-10 had a slightly askew inner bowl. Things like that. The Summit stadium does not have these issues at a design or mold level.

It is little things like that that give you an experience that distinguish it from anything else. Maybe you'll notice it. Maybe you won't. If you know, you know!

Here are measurements, followed by video links (I will consistently update them as time goes on)

BB-10 Tornado Ridge Height (Click to View)

Summit Tornado Ridge Height (Click to View)

BB-10 Exit Ridge Height (Click to View)

Summit Exit Ridge Height (Click to View)

BB-10 Wall Height (slightly bent) (Click to View)

Summit Wall Height (mint) (Click to View)

BB-10 Wall Length (Click to View)

Summit Wall Length (Click to View)

BB-10 Exit Size (Click to View)

Summit Exit Size (Click to View)

BB-10 Bowl Diameter (Click to View)

Summit Bowl Diameter (Click to View)

BB-10 Inner Bowl Diameter (Click to View)

Summit Inner Bowl Diameter (Click to View)

Summit stacked on BB-10 (Click to View)

BB-10 stacked on Summit (Click to View)


Where To Get
Of course I want this in everyone's hands ASAP so they can experience the stadium for themselves and enjoy the series that holds a special place in my heart. 

Expect updates in the very near future.
Pog, excited fr as someone with barely 3 legal and very different stadiums of my own to host events, the bare minimum lmao.
Hot damn Dan, that's amazing. Super excited for this to drop!
Since I moved countries I had to sell my stadiums, if this is as you said and is at a fair price for me, it will be high on my list