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Full Version: Maximum Impact
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Beyblade X is right around the corner BUT before we get into the new generation let’s take it back to where the last generation started - Burst Classic! 

Come join  for Maxim Impact - A Burst Classic Tournament. The event will feature single & dual layer Beyblades. The risk of bursting is high and every match has you on edge.

Please take a look at the Burst Classic rulebook if you are not sure which Beyblades are legal for this format. I will have many Beyblades available for use should anyone need to borrow Beyblades. 


We’ll have great prizes for the Top 3 and something for our other competitors as well.

We hope to see you out there for a fun, throwback tournament! 

Format: Burst Classic, ranked

When: Sunday, August 6th @ 10:00AM
*All Bladers must arrive at least 15 mins prior for registration. Those arriving after 10am will not be permitted to join*

Where: Liberty Tree Park - 7421 NW Fifth St
Plantation, FL  33317



Judges: , ,

Prizes: Top 3 - various Burst Classic Beyblades

Additional Considerations: 

-This is an outdoor event in the Florida sun/heat, so please bring a water bottle, sunscreen, a beach blanket or chair to sit on, and a snack. 

-These events typically take 3-4 hours to complete. Please make sure you can stay for the entirety of the tournament before signing up.

-This is an all ages event, so expect your child to compete against Bladers of all ages; Yes, even adults!

-My judges are volunteers who will call the matches as fairy and and as accurately as possible. WE DO NOT RECORD ANY MATCHES FOR JUDGING PURPOSES. Any arguing or attempt to influence the judges will result in the Blader being removed from the tournament.
This event has been approved.
I would like to apologize to all registered Bladers. There was a mixup on the location of the tournament. It was 100% my fault.

I meant to post Liberty Tree Park but accidentally used the address for Fig Tree Park a few blocks away. I great apologize. Any Bladers still interested in participating can come to Liberty Tree for a Club Format Classic Tournament.

Again, my apologies to all.
Congrats to and for placing 1st & 2nd in the Club Format Classic Tournament. It was a lot of fun. Hopefully you all enjoyed it as well.

Special thanks to for co-hosting & providing prizes.