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Full Version: Can someone help
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So I was looking threw my beyblade collection today and I found beast behemoth but it had the wrong forge disc on I was super worried so I checked in a separate collect which was my Hasbro Beyblades to try and find the correct disc I knew that disc was heavy but I didn’t know what to do because I didn’t want a Hasbro forge disc on a TAKARA TOMY Beyblade but I could not find any heavy discs in my collection you know in case i mixed them up but I was unsuccessful do any of you know how to identify the difference between a hasbro and TAKARA TOMY disc just in case it is the right one and I just mixed stuff up or if it’s the exact same thing and it doesn’t matter if I have a hasbro or tt disc. 


Oh yeah also out of my whole collection I was only able to find 2 heavy fridge discs which means one is hasbro and one is tt so that why I’m wondering if there’s a difference so I can identify it or it’s the same thing so it doesn’t matter?
In the early days like God, Or Dual layers with beys like beast behemoth hasbro and takara Tomy made the same discs. A hasbro heavy disc was the same thing as a TT heavy disc. All the way up to turbo a Hasbro 00 disc is the same as a TT 00 disc. Only in GT and beyond that did hasbro start making their discs lighter and with lower quality materials and without gimmicks. If you lost a TT heavy disc and have a hasbro heavy disc they are the same thing. Hope that helps!
Thank you so much bro it helped a lot 😁
(Jun. 23, 2023  1:43 AM)End bringer Wrote: [ -> ]Thank you so much bro it helped a lot 😁

No prob, glad it did 👍