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Full Version: No RDF but "RANKED"
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This is “WBO Metal Fight Format”.

"No RDF"

Please be advised that this tournament will make use of the following Ranked Clauses in addition to, or in place of, rules listed in the Format Rulebook.

Banlist Variation: Rubber Defense Flat Ban
  • The following Bottom may not be used in this tournament: RDF
All players have to read the following Metal Fight Format rulebook prior to confirming your attendance to ensure that you or your child have the appropriate equipment to compete:

Participant Cap : 10

Event Schedule 
3:25 - 3:29PM Registration/Bracket Set-up/Announcements
3:30PM Tournament Starts

We will start right after the previous MFB tournament ends. We may not wait till 3:30PM if MFB tourney ends early.

Stadium : BB-10

Prize for the Winner : Pho 45 Rice Noodle Soup at Pho 45, La Mirada

Snacks will be provided.

*Please be aware of the new community rules. Registering for the tournament and not showing up is a Tournament violation.
This event has been approved.
I want this whole tournament
Challonge Link :
First Stage -

Final Stage -

Spreadsheet :

Round Robin for Group Stage, Single Elimination for Final Stage. Unranked due to number of Participants.