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Full Version: BST But without Drift/BearingDrift
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For this event we will be playing the normal burst standard Pick3 Choose1 format however we will be banning the MetalDrift/Drift/BearingDrift/MetalBearing Drift driver as an experimental testing ruleset
-please read the rulebooks and need to know information
-only sign up if you are sure to attend
-please ask any general questions on this thread as its easier for bladers to see
This event has been approved.
I have changed the tournament format. We will be playing Burst Standard P3C1 with banning all Dr/BDR variants as an experimental ruleset. All other rules including points for Burst/OS/KO and deck/P3C1 for ranked burst standard apply.
i don't know what type Dr/BDR variants are
(Mar. 08, 2023  9:04 PM)Isaiasdario Wrote: [ -> ]i don't know what type Dr/BDR variants are

Drift is the driver on Lucifer the End and  Roar Balkesh (metal version), and BDR is bearing drift, which is part of the Ultimate Fusion DX set and a limited driver campaign (metal version). Look up drift and BDR on the Beyblade wiki if you're still confused.
thanks for the help
Tomorrow is the tournament and I just wanna remind everyone that whoever isn’t going please let us know and don’t forget to click “leave tournament.” We had this happen last time and only 3 people showed up out of 8…
Yes, anyone who is able to come tomorrow come but if you are not able to please click leave event. It’s alright if you are busy or have some other event to go to elsewhere, we just don’t want any confusion as to who is or is not going especially because of the format, Ruleset, number of Bladers, etc…
Just a reminder this is a Pick 3 Choose 1 Format today everyone. So pick 3 beys with no repeating parts. Show all 3 to your opponent. Based on that you will choose 1 bey to battle to 3 points with out of your 3.

Winning Combos Posted

Big shoutout and thank you to TheRogueBlader and lil-iz for hosting and judging.

Here are the combos I mostly used:

Wind Kerneus Illegal Mobius-4

Guilty Longinus Giga Xtreme'-7

Vanish Fafnir Over Bearing-3

This event has been processed.